Avocados : Not One but Two Types of Allergic Reactions

Though it’s not one of the allergy “biggies,” avocados cause their share of allergies. And though they usually don’t cause the extreme reactions that other allergens may cause, there is still a possibility of anaphylaxis when it comes to avocados. The distinction between the reactions is connected with the type of avocado allergy, because there are two types.

According to this website, the two types of avocado allergy are 1) oral allergy syndrome connected to birch pollen and 2) allergies connected to latex allergy.

If you suffer from the first type, the birch-pollen allergy, you can develop local symptoms in the mouth, lips and throat including itching and inflammation. Symptoms either show up immediately or up to 1 hour after eating fresh avocado or an avocado-containing food. This is oral allergy syndrome and is contained to the mouth, lips and throat without leading to a systemic type reaction, which includes hives, stomach upset and anaphylaxis among other symptoms. Though oral allergy symdrome can be quite uncomfortable, it isn’t life threatening on its own.

The other type of allergy to avocado, related to a latex allergy is more severe. This is known as the latex fruit allergy and is caused by the similarity of allergens in avocados and natural latex. The symptoms are more severe, including generalized urticaria, abdominal pain, vomiting and sometimes life-threatening symptoms like anaphylaxis.
Other foods which cause this type of reaction are bananas, melons, mango, chestnuts, and kiwis.

Though neither of these allergies is likely to be outgrown, the oral allergy syndrome usually does not become more severe or develop into the latex fruit allergy. It is important to be aware of the other foods in this category, because sometimes an allergy to one or more of them will develop. For a complete list, see AllergyClinic. This site also provides other good information on this topic.

Like other food allergies, there aren’t shots available for treatment, though you can try a holistic method to relieve your symptoms. Avoidance is a good choice and some choose to carry an Epipen, especially if it is the latex related allergy that you have. Be aware of ingredients and cross contamination with an avocado allergy. Remember guacamole is made from avocados. Avocados are becoming more widely used so be aware in restaurants. Check ingredients of items you buy, and though avocados usually don’t sneak into the ingredient list, avocado oil can. It can also be found in many lotions and soaps. Use the same caution you would with any other allergen.

Confusing Diagnosis

As has been said so many times before, food allergy diagnosis is really a complicated and confusing issue. Not only is the diagnosis itself confusing, but so is what you are supposed to do next, and also what everyone is supposed to do.

According to a recent article on npr.org the nation’s top allergy experts just looked at some of the new proposed guidelines that are “intended to clear up confusion about the diagnosis and treatment of food allergies. And there’s a lot of confusion out there.”

For one thing, banishment of an allergy causing food doesn’t always make sense. Well, it does make sense to those allergic to the one thing, like peanuts, maybe, but what about all the other food allergies out there. I knew a woman allergic to avocados. You never hear of a ban on avocados and a peanut ban certainly won’t help her. And how far does the ban go? Schools? Airplanes? Stadiums? Yes, it’s good for those with allergies to feel as safe as they can, but nobody can ban everywhere, what about work? Malls? Grocery stores? Movie theaters?

Another issue, one that has me quite intrigues, is the falsity of some tests for allergies. This same article states that, “the common tests doctors perform when they suspect a food allergy aren’t definitive.Those skin prick tests and blood tests can tell you if your body is developing antibodies to a particular food, but not whether you’ll have symptoms. The real test is the food challenge. That’s where a doctor observes a person eating the food and watches for reactions. In the case of a true food allergy, those might include tingling of the face, hives and swelling.

“A couple of years ago, researchers at National Jewish Health in Denver conducted ‘food challenge’ tests on 125 children with allergies and eczema and found that more than 50 percent of the kids could actually tolerate foods they were told to avoid,  NPR”s Alison Aubrey reports.

It is a very small fraction of those allergic that are so severe in their allergy that being near the food or smelling it will cause a reaction. Again, though, for that small percent, it is imperative that they avoid. And when avoidance is questionable, make sure that precautions are taken, like antihistamine and Epipen availability.

It’s always confusing and the lack of a definitive allergy answer makes a worrisome condition even more worrisome. Whether it is reaction to reaction or some reactions disappearing and others coming, it is something that has to be dealt with in an individual manner, and that goes from every aspect from testing to treatment to daily choices. The best we can do is do what we think is best.


    1. My mouth breaks out into horrible hives, I get itchy, and my throat gets tight when I have even the smallest amount of avocado. It’s definitely possible to be allergic to avocado. Trust me.

      1. Me too! And the oil is in shampoos and lotions and lip balms, too. Which cause red, swollen, itchy bumps anywhere it is applied.

        Must be a coincidence. 🤷🏼‍♀️🥑

  1. people can’t get allregic to avacados but certain people may develope life threatening illnesses which justify the ascertaining and inquiry of wether or not an avacado can cause an allergic reaction such as anaphylaxis, considering anaphylaxis is as real as it gets.

  2. I got puffy eyes and some cold symptoms like sneezing and a runny nose after handling an avacado. Whether or not it was because of the avacado I am not sure, though it would make sense because I get rashes whenever latex is touching my skin for a period of time.

  3. The reaction to avacado’s is most certainly real. I loved and ate them all my life and when i turned 50 I started to get very bad stomach pains along with the feeling that I was going to vomit every time I ate them. I have no problem eating banana’s, melon’s or mango’s, just avacado’s. They will no longer be a part of my diet.

  4. This is definately true. I ate a normal days worth of food yesterday, except that for a snack I had some chips and guac, which is something I just started enjoying. Later that night I almost keeled over because of my stomach pain and then had really slimy diarrhea. I have no other explanation other than the avocados.

  5. I love avocados (especially guacamole), but I cant eat them any more because I am highly allergic to them now. I get very severe stomach pains, vomiting and a whole bunch of other fun stuff. Its horrible! I am now allergic to kiwi too. I sure hope bananas are not next. For those who say you cant be allergic to avocados, I dont know why you would even say something like that.

  6. I suffer from both avocados and latex. My eyes also react to something. I discovered the latex problem when I was young during hospital visits. The avocado problem came on with tingling and numbness in my mouth and lips and within 30 minutes cold sweat and vomit. Once voided all seems well again – but it is one hour of grief – the problem is, I love guacamole – but I guess it don’t love me!

  7. I nearly died 2 months ago from eating an avocado. I have eaten them before but not often. This time i had a severe anaphylaxic attack and collapsed. Very scary indeed. I`m now having blood tests etc. at allergy clinic to test for latex allergy and nuts etc. I am also a hayfever sufferer and the usual time i have eaten avovados before was summer and i was taking anti-histimines for hayfever. This time i wasn`t taking anti-histimines so could this be related? Makes you wonder 🙂

  8. I suffer from the first type, “the birch-pollen allergy,” I develop local symptoms in the mouth, lips and throat such as the “itching and inflammation.” It’s really scary because I feel like my throat is closing on me. The weird thing is, I’m allergic to avocado but NOT to guacamole!

  9. I was a banana a day kid but by age 10 developed severe stomach,neck and shoulder pain.By age 20 avocados did the same thing only worse with tingling in my mouth.I dont even have to injest it.Bummer living in the avocado belt.

  10. I love avocadoes. But a few years ago I started getting itchiness on the roof of my mouth. Wether it’s a plain avocadoe or in food just the roof of my mouth gets itchy. I try to ignore it an keep enjoying my guacamole but it’s a huge pain in the ass

  11. What a relief to read of other people who have the same reaction. I also used to eat so many bananas as a kid, but when I hit about age 18 they started giving me awful stomach pains. I soon found out avocado & kiwi do the same. I’m now 33 years old and trace amounts of these foods give me a pain so bad that I curl up in the fetal position for 8 hrs at a time.

    I just landed on this forum because about half an hour ago some guac snuck into a burrito I ordered at a restaurant. I had only taken about 3 bites, but the pains are coming on pretty quickly.

    Does anyone know how we can counter these reactions if we don’t have an epi-pen? Pepto doesn’t work. Pain meds don’t work. Maybe antihistimines?

  12. Update: It’s been about 3 hrs since my last post. About 30 min after I wrote, I decided to try benadryl and the pain has lessened SIGNIFICANTLY. I can still feel a little pain, but nothing like a normal avocado attack. I think I may be on to something here!

  13. Really William ? Why is it then that the whole reason why I visited this site was strictly because my husband had just finished an avocado and immediately after his mouth started to itch and tongue started to swell? He was not eating any other food . Just the avocado. Which led me to look up allergies to the fruit . And sure enough the Exact description of what he had experienced is documented here. I think it would be unwise to assume any one is ignorant for believing their symptoms have been caused by an allergy .

  14. I have seen patients who reacted to banana and avocado with phlebitis (inflammation of veins) and thrombosis. It is also described in medical literature.

    Has anybody else seen such a case?

    Alexa Fleckenstein M.D., physician, author.

  15. All my life, if im even in the same room with feathers, or I touch latex or many plastics, or eat a ripe avocado, banana, tomato, or raw spinach, corn, eggs, or rye, coffee, my throat itches and swells till blisters pop and make sores/blisters and I have a severe asthma attack, or have excruciating abdominal cramps worse than child labor or delivery, unless already taking, or I take benadryl or claratin. I wonder if anyone knows why the same under ripe foods or cooked spinach isn’t a problem for me???

  16. I have been told that my Avocado allergy was all in my head. While I knew it wasn’t true, I felt compelled to see if others had the same reaction. What a relief to find out that I am not the only one! It took 3 times for me to realize that I had an allergy. I had two reactions that consisted of stomach pain and vomiting. Thought it could have been a bug – just a coincidence. The third episode was the worst and was from only scant traces of avocado. I removed all the avocado pieces from a fish taco, and then ate the taco. Within an hour, I was doubled over with severe vomiting. After about 4 hours of agony, all was well. I can’t even stand to look at an avocado now. And, yes, I do have a latex allergy.

  17. I’m 57. When I was a child I hated and refused to eat bananas and avocados. In college a friend made me a smoothie (we called them health shakes in the 70’s) made with a banana. Though I hated it, I drank it to be polite, and promptly threw up. Around the same time learned that I actually did like guacamole, but after eating it I would vomit.
    Since then, I continue to avoid raw bananas (fried plantains or banana bread is OK), and have learned that I can eat about 2 tablesppons of guacamole without throwing up.
    I have no problem with kiwis or berries, and I don’t think I have a latex allergy.
    I don’t believe I have a latex

  18. I also am allergic to avocados bananas and sum nuts not too severe but I do get the itching in my mouth and what not…

  19. I discovered my avacado allergy at 18 -with all the “stomach flu” like symptoms and they are ugly. Now it seems that drinking from “PBA free” plastics are causing shoulder and muscle pain. PBA free products contain resin from the rubber tree that gives us latex. There has to be a connection – I definately have more research to do. Anyone else have a problem with BPA free plastics…????

  20. I have eaten avocados all my life with no problem until 2 years ago. My throat was swollen and I was very close to having my wife drive me to the emergency room. A week later I ate a small amount with no problem and then resumed eating them. Last night it happened again which prompted me to research it. I have no other allergies save mild hay fever in the spring.

  21. I recently ate an overly ripe avacoda = which I made into guacamoli! Shortly after eating it I actually got blisters all over my mouth & gums! Very painful! I have hayfever= I’m also allergic to watermelons = all melons & walnuts! Iam also allergic to mayonaise from subway & burger king& generic types as well Bananas & raw potatoes also make my throat itchy! Needless to say no more avacodo for me! I have to be very careful!

  22. Wow. I love avocados and bananas. Last year, a lazy dinner would be chips and guacamole. Around that time I was having horrible stomach pains–I expected something to come forth “Alien” style. I actually went to the doctor because I was having trouble walking. All sorts of tests, to my shock everything was normal, but this pain was definitely NOT. After a few months I realized the pain went away when I stopped eating guacamole for dinner! So i thought I had diverticulitis–but I didn’t know they would have picked the pouches from that on the MRI and it only bothers me when I eat guacamole. This is so sad. At least its not chocolate though. Thanks for sharing, glad to see what others have gone through, alot of “click” moments.

  23. I have always had an allergic reaction to fresh avacados and sometimes bananas. My mother teases me about being a fresh/ripe avacado geiger counter.. older guac or the faker guac never sets it off. Lasts about 30 minutes and makes me insane. 🙂 Still love avacados and guac though. 🙁 I must be a masochist.

  24. My experience with guac has been that with enough lime juice and time the avacado essentially becomes cooked and will not cause a reaction. I can only speak to this being useful for the first type of allergy as thats what I have personally experienced.

  25. I am allergic to latex and avocados. I accidentally ate guacamole in my burrito 4 hours ago & I still have abdominal pains. Never again do I want to go through this. I throw up(amongst other things) every time.

  26. In my early 20’s, living in the Mid West…had a horrible stomach cramps & vomiting after eating an avocado…. A few months later, same thing after eating a hamburger with avocado… Again after eating guacamole… I gave up… People kept telling me there was not allergy to Avocado. I didn’t care…I was going to eat them ever again. My husband who witnessed all these, was always first at every restaurant to make sure no Avocado or Guacamole was on the plate. Thank you for finally explaining what I knew was true 27 years ago. I have had people say “I would die if I couldn’t eat avocados” & I always reply….after I ate them, I thought I was going to die.

  27. I also ate bananas & avocado as a kid with no problems. As I got older I put on a bit of excess weight, and around the age of 25 could no longer eat bananas or avocados without seeing it come back in reverse (yuck). Interesting update, tho! I lost a good deal of weight about 7 years ago (close to 50 lbs) and one day accidentally ate the equivalent of half a banana. No reaction! I was brave (or stupid depending how you look at it) and then tried eating half an avocado. Again – no reaction! It has been seven years now that i can eat those foods. I have to think that by losing weight my hormones changed or something, and my body no longer rejects those foods. I don’t know if this will last, but it does show some hope that our bodies can change things around on us when we’re not looking!

  28. Please, people, let’s not make sweeping generalizations such as you can’t develop allergies to this or that. Since an allergic reaction is the result of an over-active immune system, which wrongly goes after neutral substances, it’s hypothetically possible to develop allergies to anything. So, for those who like to make absolutist proclamations, please, check yourself before launching.

  29. It’s comforting to see others with the same avocado allergy as myself and that I am not just crazy. Since, everyone always says, “How can you be allergic to avocados?!” I have the second type, bad stomach cramps, vomiting and another symptom that I haven’t heard anyone say yet… a weird intense pain in my back. I assume it is related to the intestinal issue, but has anyone else had this symptom? I too, started having these reactions around 18. I have never had any reactions to the other related foods. I have, however, a weird reaction to a food that I am unaware of. I get random patches on my tongue where the taste buds are completely gone, they get bright red, sometimes even bleed and are extremely painful. Has anyone ever had this? And if so do you know what it is from? A little help would mean A LOT! 🙂

  30. I discovered the hard way that guac and avocados were giving me severe stomach cramps and diarrhea when I was about 23. I thought I’d gotten food poisoning a few times, it was so bad. I seem to be less tolerant of it as time goes on. Just got some fresh avocado in a sandwich yesterday and was sick before I finished the first half. I spent a nasty night sweating and cramping. Ugh! Glad to know it’s not just in my head and other people get this. I’ve been told it was the high fat content, but that seems odd because other fatty foods have no affect on me like this. Incidentally, I’ve never liked the taste or smell of melons, fresh mango, bananas, cucumbers, etc and get indigestion from them sometimes, but never cramping. Dried mango is fine. Latex is fine, far as I know. I used to wear latex gloves all day at work and no problems. I guess I should be careful, though!

  31. It’s good to read this and know there are others! I have the 2nd type – severe stomach cramps, vomiting, head spins & feel like I’m burning up. Started in my early 20s. Like others – people always say “poor thing can’t eat avocado” and all I think is “UGH! why would anyone want to eat that vile stuff!”

  32. I too suffer from an avocado allergy, the first kind, with the itching and swelling of my mouth and lips. Bananas, tomatos, avocados, walnuts. They all do that. It’s terribly frustrating. Bananas are the worst! The itching goes all the way from my lips to my stomach. I always thought I was crazy. Tomatos and avocado and bananas, all are allergins? I didn’t think it was possible. Thank you for opening my eyes 🙂

  33. Thank God for this site! Last night after eating guacamole my palms started itching and I started sneezing. Then I got the worst stomach pain of my life! I started throwing up, this happened once before and I told my doctor, b he dismissed me and said it was ovarian cyst. Since the exact same thing happened to me the last time I guacamole (every time I eat them it makes my palms itch, makes sneeze and messes up my sinuses) I figured out it had to be the avocado and I googled avocado allergies and this site popped. Ugh Doctor’s can be so arrogant had my doctor just listened to me the first time all of this could have been avoided. I almost died! If you think you know what’s really wrong with you don’t let your doctor push you around SPEAK UP!

  34. I recently developed a pretty bad allergy to avocado. My question is: Can any doctor explain why for 30 years you can enjoy avocado and then suddenly have a violent reaction to it?

    1. Yes this is me too , 47 years no problem eating avocado , loved it. Then with no warning this year each time I get 3-4 mouthfuls in doesn’t even get time to go to my stomach and I’m projectile vomiting. First 2 times I thought it was a bad avo and didn’t think a thing of it . Have tried smaller amounts a few months later but it’s quickly on it’s way out. No other allergies , mild hayfever . So confused!!

  35. I have had the stomach cramping, pain and diarrhea for years with pineapple. Only over the past few years have I reacted to avacado, and most recently delicata squash was added to the list. It is helpful to see others have had similar symptoms, as my doc thinks it’s just “bad” food, not an allergy. Benadryl and drinking regular COKE works for my symptoms.

  36. When I was 18 I had stomach pains after eating guacamole. I didn’t connect it to avacados until I ate an avacado sandwich and the same severe stomach pains came back. I stopped eating avacados and just thought my stomach was sensitive to them. (I had eaten guacamole as a child many, many times with no problems). Recently my RN mother reminded me of the relationship between avacado allergies and latex allergies. I am in a health program at school and I’m wearing latex gloves many times each week. My Dental Hygiene textbook (Wilkins 2011) does state that an avacado allergy increases the risk of developing a latex allergy.

  37. I developed an allergy to avocado around age 25. I would eat it, then get itchy lips and mouth. I continued to eat it on occasion because it’s SO DELICIOUS. Unfortunately, last month I had an incident – I didn’t even eat an avocado. My boyfriend had just eaten a ton of guacamole and then gave me a kiss on my lips. About 30 minutes later my top lip was 5 times its size and I had a horrible cough and itchy throat. So, yeah, I’m done with avocado…and it is a very real allergy.

  38. Avocados, bananas, and a few other foods are all related to a latex allergy. Those foods bothered me a bit off and on over the years but now that my latex allergy has become sever, I have to be extra careful when eating those foods while or within a few days of a latex exposure.

  39. I, like Joan W. above I have eaten avocado my whole life with no problems. One day out of the blue I had a terrible allergic reaction to it. VMy head itched like crazy, I got severe hives all over my body, I vomited, and my throast started to close. The doctor gave me Benadryl and a few hours later I was perfectly fine. The doctor said Avocado is one of the foods that an allergic reaction can arise out of the blue. I have not eaten one since. Scared to!

  40. I never knew I was sensitive to avocados but did noticed dizziness and stomach pains after eating them (always thought it was another food that I ate with avocados. Then one day after reading how wonderful avocados were for ur skin as a facial, I slathered one on my face….within seconds my skin felt like it was on fire! I washed it off very quickly. No longer do I eat (or put on my skin) avocados! 🙁

  41. When you grow up with allergies and allergic parents, you learn to live with all of it. Seems normal when you don’t know any better. I’ve always had allergies to avocado, bananas, melons, nuts….and the list goes on. In fact, my allergy tests look as though I’m allergic to life itself. You can’t live in a bubble or you won’t experience anything. Within the last few years, I’ve experienced 2 anaphylactic reactions. The first one while taking RUSH allergy shots, the second one (egg induced) put me in the ER. So, I’m a little more apprehensive now, more knowledgeable and decisive about whether I want to experience the EPI-pen blues for the next week. Here’s to all of us who brush it off and keep going!

  42. I used to love avocados when i was younger and all through high school but i discovered i was allergic when i was about 18, no-one believed me (including doctors i went to) and no-one still believes me, they think am faking. Well people say most africans dont get allergies but atleast now i know there are people like me, am sane and i dint create sumthn in my head.

  43. started with bananas aged 22, added avocados at 35, plums at 37 and am searching for prawns linked to this as it’s my latest. think i’ve always had latex as when i was a small child i would get horrendous stomach cramps with no explanation but thinking back it was probably due to sucking a dummy. anyone heard of prawns being associated with the banana avocado thong?

  44. Does anyone react to lotions with avocado in them?

    My 2 yr old’s cheeks turn red and hot when I use an all natural lotion on her containing (among other things) avocados. She has never reacted to anything else and loves bananas. I have a latex allergy but don’t react to this lotion. (I get a rash when I wear latex gloves my mouth hurts when I eat bananas, kiwis, and mango’s.)

    Any ideas?

  45. My girlfriend just ate some her lips and throught started swelling up and she is freaking out!..we are hedding to the hostpilat right now!!!!….beware!!!

  46. The pain when I eat avocados is so severe I sometimes think my stomach is trying to disolve itself, and for about 12 hrs I never know whether to sit on or stand over the toilet.

    I now react if someone has just used the same utencils on my food without cleaning it after preparing avocado for someone else.
    Latex, Bananas, Kiwi’s, Mangos, and pineapple are also dicey however not quite as severe.

    More scientific research should be done on this allergy as there is very little awearness and/or knowledge about it in the scientific and wider communities.

  47. Wow, I’m not alone! Loved avocados until a few years ago–sudden severe stomach cramps every time I eat even a bite! The change occurred around 50, along with menopause…Nothing else affects me like this.

  48. These people are crazy. Just because you or anyone you know doesn’t suffer from an avocado allergy doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I grew up eating avocado with no reaction til I was 14 when I nearly went anaphylactic. My tongue swelled huge and my throat started to close. It took several hours before the selling subsided. I’m pretty sure I have the birch pollen allergy, which is the lesser of the two, but it is still scary. (Also sucks because I love avocado.) I read somewhere that boiling the avocado can kill the allergen, I couldn’t find any information on how long to boil. I have done this twice. I still am too scared to eat a larger quantity, but am testing the waters. Today I boiled two for about 10 min. and made guacamole with them. I ate about 1 tablespoon. I havn’t had any oral symptoms but an really sneezy. I don’t know of this is related our not. I am going to take a benadryl and I will post back.

  49. @ Random Something – Sounds like she has a the allergy. I am only allergic to avocado and not the other associated fruits. Be careful!

  50. Each time I eat avocado my lips begin to hurt, then blister and swell, then my gums and tongue burn and my throat itches for hours. i never had food allergies prior to two years ago, but when I developed them it began with avocado.

  51. This happened to me as well and I’m an every day eating avocado mexican. Fortunately it goes away in less than 10 minutes. But this berly started in my adulthood.

  52. I have never had a reaction to avocado until today from eating one last night. I only have skin problems, painful burning and huge red scaly patches on my face and neck. I get the same reactions from mangoes which just started a year ago, and certain wines, which started about five years ago. Oranges have made me throw up for 20+ years.I don’t like bananas, walnuts, or melons so I could have problems with them too. It is so strange that they just pop up out of the blue. I have always been allergic to animals and pollens, these are better as I age (I’m 43) but the food allergies are getting worse. Very wierd.

  53. I LOVE avocado’s!! I usually eat them pretty regularly. I made guc. for Thanksgiving this year. We didn’t have many. I noticed a few of them were super dark in color instead of green. I asked my mother if I should still use them, she said yes. About 20 mins. after I ate guc my upper lip started swelling. Nobody could physically see it, but I felt like it was huge! I’m gonna go buy some avocados today and hope I can eat them!!

  54. I found this site when I Googled “avocado allergy” after I had a suspected reaction to avocado because I was curious to see if there really was such a thing. I grew up in Texas eating Tex-Mex so guacamole was practically a whole food group by itself lol. I always loved guac and never had a problem with it until a few years ago. When I first got the stomach cramping, diarrhea and nausea I didn’t associate it with the guac/avocado; like other posters I thought it was food poisoning or overindulgence etc. The second time it happened I was suspicious of the guac, but still thought “Who ever heard of being allergic to AVOCADOS?!?” And since I’d always eaten them with no problem I thought that couldn’t possibly be the cause. Well tonight I had guac for the first time in a couple of years (I’ve since moved to Colorado and it’s not as popular here as it is in Texas) and here I am again with the stomach woes!! So since this is the third time it’s happened, and I can’t trace it to anything else, I’m convinced it’s an allergy to avocados. It really can develop “overnight.” I don’t have problems with any of the other associated foods, nor with latex. My allergy doesn’t seem to be quite as severe as some of the other posters; my stomach hurts pretty bad but not HORRIBLY. I also tend to feel hot and break out in a sweat during an attack. I’ve found that a Gas-X pill works wonders once the symptoms start. I never tried the Benadryl because I never thought of it as an “allergy” until tonight, but I will remember that for the future. Interestingly, I have been taking Benadryl since before you could get it OTC, when you still needed a prescription for it. (One time Mom let me run out of the elixir and I had a bad reaction in the middle of the night, so she had to go running all over town looking for a 24-hour pharmacy!) I started taking it when I was 4 years old (I’m 40 now) for an allergic reaction (hives) but it was never definitively determined what caused the reaction. It happened the night after my folks took me trick-or-treating for the first time and let me eat some of the candy (Mom says they’d never let me have candy before, EVER) so “sugar” got the blame. That sure sucked as a kid!! As an adult, I’ve made up for all the sugar I didn’t get to eat growing up lol so I can tell you that’s not it. But reading that others took Benadryl for the avocado reaction kinda gave me a “doh!” moment, like “why didn’t I think of that?!?” Live and learn I guess. Thank God for sites like this! I would never have believed a person could actually be allergic to avocados until I experienced it myself and found this site. I like avocados/guac but not enough to suffer with the stomach cramps so I think I will just avoid them in the future. The only thing that gives me an anaphylactic-type reaction (throat swelling closed, etc.) is ibuprofen. That sucks too because ibuprofen is all they want to give you when you’re in the hospital lol. After I had my fourth child via C-section the nurse wanted to give me ibuprofen for the pain but I told her I was allergic. She thought about that a minute and then asked me, “What happens when you take it?” I told her “my throat swells shut” and she said “Oh, never mind!” Funny how far the medical establishment still has to go when it comes to understanding allergies and taking them seriously. Apologies for the long post but this sure seems to be the place to let it out lol!! Thanks everyone 🙂

  55. I am thankful that I found this site – I usually eat Avocados about once a week, and have done for years, but tonight I ate one which was a little under-ripe, and within half an hour, the whole right side of my face swelled up, especially inside my mouth.
    I have taken an antihistamine tablet and held some ice-cold water in my mouth for a minute, and I think it may be helping to take the swelling down.
    I have never had any reaction to Avocados before, and I hope I never do again!

  56. When I was 16 I ate kiwi fruit for the first time and developed a very tight, closed in throat which only died down a few hours later. I’ve avoided them ever since and thought this was my only allergy, however late last year I developed a similar reaction to avocados (which I love!). This evening I ate a banana (a fruit I haven’t eaten in some time) and have experienced the same tingly tongue and tight throat – my allergies seems to be expanding to different foods and getting worse over time!

  57. I picked up some avocado’s at the store wensday evening thinking it would be a great suppliment to my lunches for work. I’ve had them few and far between through the years, and loved them with pepper. I ate one late wensday night and another at lunch the next day. By thurs night, I had a slightly constricted throat and lungs, dizziness, and a harsh pain in my lower back. I naturally thought it was some bug I picked up and was nursed through it til Sat evening It went away. I hadn’t had much to eat during the day, so I popped open an avocado and slurp! Down it went. The symptoms returned, and I put two and two together. I’ve never been allergic to anything in my life, guess I’ll have to change my response to “Are you allergic to???”

  58. Within the past year I eat Avacado or Guacamole I get the WORST pain in my stomach for about 5 hours. I break out in a sweat. I also get stomach pain with Cashews and recently with a pear. I thought it was due to no gall bladder. I have not had a problem with the latex as of yet. I do have a problem with certain pillows. No allergy up until age 45. strange.

  59. I use to eat avo banana and popo a lot but since about 5 years ago I started a alergic reaction first banana and then avo and then popo my eyes swell looks like I have been beaten up and throaght feels thick and then nothing else helps with it not even a allergec so people who havent gone through this wont know how it feels.

  60. To william at the top of the comment page; If people cannot be allergic to avocados, then why the heck do I get severe stomach cramping, diarrhea, an bloating every time I eat avacados?!

  61. I am SO relieved reading these posts. I just had an avocado and experienced some of the worst pain I had ever had. I vomited, and immediately felt better. I am already allergic to raw spinach and kiwis (along with other nuts and peanuts) and seeing this made me both sad and relived that I wasn’t crazy. Thanks for taking the time everybody!

  62. I too have the vomiting/pain/not being able to see clearly etc. version of the Avocado allergy. My reaction has become worse each time. Last time (which was about 6 months ago – when I ate a salad that had avocado in it BUT I DIDN’T EAT THE BITS OF AVOCADO) ened up with me throwing up for 8 hours and not being able to see properly. I’ve since had a really bad reaction to pomegranate.
    Anyone with the Avocado allergy that has had problems with Pomegranates???

  63. Having multiple blood test and feel foolish…Truly believe its the avocados
    Inexpensive, delicious and in season and having them every day…Been having fatigue, flu-like symtoms and swollen tongue and burning tongue, will lay off a few days, take Bensdryl and see. I have been diagnosed before with Epstein Barr so is confusing

  64. I am so glad my search for Kiwi allergy led me to this site re: avocados. I KNOW that horrible abdominal pain! It feels like I am about to give birth to a 20 lb. baby. There has been a few times when I have had guacamole w/o incidence, but now will totally avoid it…..

    I used to love kiwis and never had a reaction until 2 days ago. ((I’m 61!). My throat & tongue itched and burned and my lips swelled.

  65. Love avocados but have been allergic for years. That didn’t stop me from eating one 10 minutes ago. Now my lips are swollen and blistered and my inner-ears are itchy. Terrible price to pay for one of my favorite foods.
    I have similar though less severe reaction to tomatoes, kiwis and some melons.

  66. I get sluggish afterwards and a headache sometimes and oh yeah brain fog pretty bad… sucks because i like em so much and they are cheap.. they are good for you as long as you don’t react bad to them.. i waited for a while to see and tried some again and yep same problems.. it’s weird sometimes it seems i can get away with eating one rarely but most of the time it leaves me feeling terrible… guess i just have to avoid them now.. i have 2 right now.. who wants them? 😛

  67. I am allergic to both avocados and latex, as well as adhesives (like bandages) I was told by a doctor they are all related (rubber tree plant) If I have a medical procedures/IV I usually fight with the staff about the tapes they use, no one wants to believe me. A few years ago I insisted they not use plastic tape, the staff wouldn’t listen. The next day when they removed the IV they also removed a 1.5 x3 inch patch of my skin…

  68. Im 22 weeks pregnant. I ate a whole bunch of guacamole last night before I went to bed. Woke up in the middle of the night and thought I was going into labor. I almost called an ambulance. Then, went #2. Drank some sugary juice to make sure baby was kicking. Finally, used a heating pad and the pain went away after an hour. This morning, I smelled the guacamole and started dry heaving.

  69. Ha, I found this site after I started feeling a bit itchy in and around just one side of my mouth after a snack just earlier (what was the snack you say? Well lo and behold, firm sliced bananas with lightly salted avocado mash!!)

    I didnt have these itchy sensations before when I ate them separate; today was the first time I combined them (weird combo but super yum) and I got curious. I also have itchiness with kiwi, and slightly more crazy irritation around my lips with certain mangos (which they say is derived from mango skin contact versus the flesh itself).

    Now, my face and part of my skin on my arms is itching (prolly because I spread it by touching). Ack, its soooo annoying!! Esp since I found such a yummy new snack that was making me happy; I guess its my body saying, woah! easy there on those healthy fats ?

  70. I have worked in a deli for over 5 years, and have eaten avocado twice.

    Very lightly the first time (wasn’t sure if I would like it…), ended up having really bad stomach cramps…

    Just tried avocado for the second time at work tonight, same result, but this time I vomited multiple times, and continued to have MISERABLE stomach cramps all night…

    No more of the green stuff for me!!! Avocados that is 😉

  71. I am in my thirties and discovered I was allergic to avocado a few years ago. Before that, I used to love it but only ate it periodically. I was at a Mexican restaurant and happened to have a large amount of guacamole on my flautas. About halfway through eating it, I started having a reaction similar to my shrimp allergy…itchy mouth and throat, burning/upset stomach and my lips started swelling. I had my mom rush me to the store for some liquid Benadryl. I have several allergies and a shot of this usually does the trick pretty quickly. I didn’t realize it was the avocado at first. I thought there was a cross contamination with shrimp but the cooks assured me that they are prepared separately. Then I started thinking back and realized that the last few times that I ate the real stuff in guacamole or in sandwiches, I hadn’t finished my food because I would start to feel nauseous or stomach aches half way through. I recently discovered I am allergic to either jicama or bananas…totally different reaction and I have to wonder if bananas purchased from different stores did it since it comes from a different country. Also allergic to anything with fur, seasonal allergies, iodine, aspirin. Thought about going to the allergist but worried that I will be allergic to everything and not be able to eat! :-\ A coworker of mine recently did this and you would be surprised how much she had to avoid because of cross contamination or processing. She can rarely eat at restaurants now!

  72. My Mom has had an avacado allergy since birth, and is also allergic to latex. Her symtoms are different though; Rash and where the avacado touches her, swells up. She has never eaten one, luckily, because the doctor told her that if she took a bite of one while standing in the waiting room of the ER, she wouldn’t make it to the examining room. I am allergic to latex too, and I’m too scared to risk the avacado.

    Does anyone else have these symtoms??

  73. I became allergic in my late 20w while PG w/my 2nd son. Now I can only eat a couple bites w/o a problem. But the odd thing is my hair color, Nutrisse Garnier, w/Avocado makes my head itch and break out w/exzema-like rash so wish they’d pick another source of oil. I like the benedryl idea, it also sooths the effects of sulfur on swimmers at hot spring pools, when itching and burning start, works in about 10 minutes and last all day.

  74. I love avacadoes! I developed an allergy to them at age 40 or so. I get bad itchy hives all over my body. It feels like my skin is coming off, just horrible. I decided years ago to try two benadryl, wait one hour, then I can safely eat avacadoes but the benadryl makes me so sleepy. Bye the way, I have now been lab tested and have a severe latex allergy as well. I was a banana a day kid for years. Thankfully, I am not bothered by the many other related fruits: bananas, strawberries, and kiwis and papayas.

  75. I’ve been sent to the ER twice on avocados. Once from a burrito that wasn’t suppose to contain Guac. & the other time was avocado on a sandwich that wasn’t suppose to have avocado.

    Even a little bit has me puking my guts out.

    I would get sick for years whenever I ate nachos that had guac. & we didn’t figure it out until I had an avocado chicken burger and got the same type of illness.

    It’s VERY real.

  76. No more avocados for me after terrible digestive upset, throwing up, etc. Second time now so will have to strike this yummy food off my diet.

  77. I’m in the same boat as many – I loved guac and ate it for years with no problem. Then, one day in my early 20’s I had a half avocado on a salad and was in excruciating pain 45 minutes later. The pain lasted for about three hours. Every subsequent time I’ve been exposed to it, the pain has been worse with a smaller amount. Today I bought a sandwich from the cafe at work and it seems they cut it with a knife that had some avocado residue on it (or it was on the cutting board) and now, five hours after eating my lunch, the pain is slowly starting to subside. The exposure also makes me vomit. Nothing works really except time for me, although I’ve taken Benadryl in hopes it will make the pain go away faster. I have seasonal allergies which I get shots for (including birch), as well as a celery allergy. My avocado allergy has gotten to the point where I have had a reaction from a deodorant that had avocado oil in it (I didn’t think the companies used the real thing, but apparently they do!). Good luck to everyone who is a part of this unfortunate group.

  78. I love avacados. Unfortunately I will not be eating them again. This is my 2nd reaction in a week. I thought the first one was because the avacado was bad. I had severe cramping, vomiting, and diarrhea. This lasted for several hours. Had some avacado tonight on a sandwich about 45 minutes later began having severe stomach pains. I tried Maalox didn’t work. Found this site and tried the Benadryl didn’t really work for me. About 5 hrs into it I began vomiting. 8 hrs later I’m hoping it’s passed. Other than seasonal allergies I’ve never been allergic to a thing. I have been eating a lot of avacado lately. Too much of a good thing?

  79. For those of you who have commented that avocados cannot cause an allergic reaction – you are completely misguided. I found this site because I just ate avocado in my salad and my tongue is starting to tingle and itch, along with my throat, and the small area where I bit the inside of my lip is now swollen and sore. This also happens to me when I eat bananas and cantaloupe. I continue to eat said things because the symptoms are not bothersome enough to quit. I’ve found that maybe the “riper” the fruit is, the more noticeable my symptoms are. Fortunately, within an hour after eating the allergic reaction subsides. For those of you who suffer the same allergic reactions – you are not the only one!

  80. I actually have noticed that Beano works really well with my avacdo problem. Whenever I eat one my stumch starts hurting really bad and the pain pushed into my back. Just recently kiwi has started to do the same thing. But if I take a Beano Meltaway before I eat the stuff it really helps me.

  81. I have the second one, I am so highly allergic to avacado that if someone uses the same knife to cut my onion that they used and CLEANED from cutting an avacado, I suffer horrid itching and inflammation from head to toe. I am also have a severe allergic reaction to latex. I have to be careful of the ink pens I use because my skin will crack and bleed.

  82. Like others have been saying, it is so great to know I’m not alone. When I was about 17, I started getting severe stomach pains but would always attribute it to other things I was eating it with, like shrimp. However, one time image avocado toast and that same, unmistakable pain came. The pain and weird feeling in my stomach takes about two days to go away. It is completely incapacitating for the first 8 hours. I really hope more research is done to help us all out.

    I had one bite of guacamole today and have been extreme pain for 7 hours. I tried pepcid but it hasn’t helped. I’d love to know if any of you have found anything else to be helpful. I feel so helpless!

    I now try to avoid avocado, but

  83. I love avocados but they don’t love me! I get severe stomach pains shortly after I eat even a very small amount of avocado. I recently went out for Japanese food and half way through my meal I was keeled over in pain and sweating like crazy even though I was very careful not to eat anything with avocados. Turns out they cooked with avocado oils! The pain was so bad it required an emergency room visit. Would an epi pen help with stomach cramps too or is it just swelling?

  84. I knew that I cannot eat avocados at all, bananas as a first meal of a day, but magoes are new… Just had a mango with yoghurt for a breakfast and suffering from nasty stomachache, the same I was used to get after eating avos. So I had a look online and found out that I have an allergy.

  85. After my son was born (38) I began developing food allergies.(Itchy lips,throat,nose, eyes)I don’t recall what food was the first but avocados, bananas, cherries, carrots, something in spring mix salad, and mangoes are all on the list. I described this to my doc and she said “That’s not how a food allergy works.” Having delt with ignorance more than I can stomach I pushed and she ordered the tests for avo., ban., and carrots. LO! I’m allergic. Gee, really? I got the referal to an allergist who was quite concerned. She said they are all allergies to proteins related to tree pollens. It is a sign my sensitivity is high, and, oh, bye the way, “always carry an epi-pen.” I find carrot peel gets me but not the insides. The little pre-peeled ones are fine unless they have the end nub. Good doc says the proteins are concentrated in the skin. I take Citirazine(Zyrtec) and it works great. I still love avos and can eat all my favorites ( the first doc rather glibly said ‘just stop eating those things.’ I guess processed white flour WOULD be better than produce.) Reading all these experiences I’m thinking the mild, but anti-social digestive issues I have are linked in. If you’ve got any of these reactions I hope you start carrying antihistamines with you, whether you eat avos by choice or accident. They’re good, but they’re not to DIE for!

  86. Help me somebody. I am allergic to fresh bananas, avocado, mango, cantelope, sweet apples, kiwi, strawberries, oranges, nectarines, honey dew, cherries, walnuts, watermelon, plums. When I was a kid I ate all these things. The more the better. My mom kept the house stocked. But during my freshman year of college, I developed a rash that had the doctors at the school infirmary baffled. They came from surrounding counties to look at it. Finally my mom took me home and made me soak in Aveeno Oatmeal Bath. After the rash went away, my allergies came. Now I am diagnosed diabetic and I don’t know how to get my fruit servings in when I’m busy and runnung out of the house to work. I can’t just grab a banana, orange, peach, etc to tide me over during the day. How do I get my fruit servings in?

  87. I almost died 2 years ago from avocados. I had been eating them pretty regularly. One night I made my awesome guacamole dip and I got some under my nail. It itched like crazy..I didn’t think twice about it. I then had one chip with guacamole and 30min. Later my throat felt tight&itchy. I took 2 benedryls and set a timer for 20 min. I didn’t make it. After 10 I had to rush to the ER.I do have this allergy. Now I have an epipen…yahoo. 🙁

  88. Onyx Rein, the same is true for me. My mouth, lips and throat get all itchy, but only if I eat plain avocado. No problem with guacamole. It’s very strange.

  89. Excuse me but I’m allergic to Avacados I throw up its actually happened only once but before that every time I ate Avacados weather it was in sushi or gwaccomoli however you spell it I always felt nauseous and most of the time I stop myself from puking due to the environment I was in *resturaunts* and on top of that I break out in hives when I eat kiwis and my dad and sister are allergic to bananas, it all ties together doesn’t it.

  90. I have a severe allergy to Avocado. My mother has the same allergy, as do my sister and one of my daughters. I have the worst and have (in my opinion) come close to anaphylaxic shock. All the stomach symptoms, extreme difficulty breathing, rapid heart rate, sweating and lots of pain. If by accident I eat even just a bit… I go to the emergency room. I do have an epi pen.. but (yes I know) I don’t always have with me. I have had about four terrible reactions… each one has been worse than the last.

  91. This is all interesting to read…. Like another poster, I also am 22 weeks pregnant. I love avocados and to be honest they were one of the few foods I could keep down during my morning sickness. I haven’t had any for a few weeks now and just 2 notes ago, I cut one up and put it on a salad for supper. An hour later I was stuck to the toilet and forced myself to puke just to try to get rid of whatever was bugging me. Didn’t link it to the avos, tho. Then just last nite, I had one straight just as a snack, same thing happened, only quicker and more intense, and I was vomitting involuntarily this time. I was in excruciating pain both times for at least 3-5 hours, and honestly thought I was going into preterm labor both times. This is my third baby, so I know what labor feels like, and it was right up there for pain. I found this thread this morning, and am now thinking it was the avocados. I am not experiencing these symptoms with anything else, including latex! Thanks for all the info everyone!!

  92. I have eaten avocados 4 times in my life an each time I feel like I am dying….the stomach pains the nausea can’t breathe I didn’t know what to do that’s when I started looking it up you can be allergic but the only thing is I don’t have the other fruit allergies and don’t know why but if I do I’m gonna go insane….as for now I avoid it at all cost even though I love them

  93. I just googled avocado allergy after having a home-made avocado burger and, nearly immediately, started itching and my throat burning… similar things have happened since my mid-thirties when eating bananas (which did not bother me as a youngster)and pecans/walnuts. Glad to see I’m not alone… but sad about the avocados. I love them!!!!

  94. Karen, an epi pen would help with all symptoms, including the cramping. I just found out I am allergic to avocados also. It feels like I am having an avocado baby every time I ate them. My allergist was like “ya, you are basically going into anaphylaxis and the next time you eat one just call 911 right away” guess it gets worse with each exposure. this last time i ate sushi, with tiny little pieces. ugh.

  95. It’s a slow reply, but for the DIABETIC person looking for ways to get fruit into her diet, especially portable fruit, here’s some tips. First is the slow part, pretty much unavoidable – try each fruit on it’s own, nothing else with it for a couple of hours either side so you can be sure any reaction or LACK of reaction is for that food. Keep your allergy meds near by – pills, epi-pen, water to take pills – just in case. If a food is ok, great! If not, write down what your reaction is, and include how long it took to kick in, how nasty it got. This info can help you if you start feeling ill – what did I eat, when? Perhaps there’s apple juice as a sweetener in the frozen yogurt… or whatever. It can also help your doctor help you. If you only try 1 new fruit each day you can be pretty sure if it’s ok. For me the Zyrtec daily lets me eat the cherries, avocados, carrots, bananas, kiwis, etc. For me the peel on carrots is the problem. You might wish to try some of your milder reaction foods without their peels. Sometimes cooked versions of foods help so things like apple sauce or fruit rolls might work out. 99c Only stores have apple sauce w/ no sugar added in little portable four packs, some with added other fruits. Trader Joe’s has ALL-fruit fruit rolls, nothing added. I hope for your sake some of the things you know aren’t ok right now may be ok in different forms. Only one new food, in one form each day. Don’t experiment with anything that has ever been linked to breathing trouble! Air is your friend. It may be a good idea to take an allergy pill before experimenting and if a food comes out ok, then perhaps experiment with the same food, no pill, another day so you can determine if there’s no allergy, or if the pill made it ok. If pills help you eat, great, but keep in mind you may forget a pill (lots of babies in the world attest to that) or run out. Don’t be too casual about your allergies. Keeping a jar of pills in your purse, glove box, desk, and bathroom, oh and KITCHEN is not a bad idea. (keep out of reach of kids and pets) I buy generics at the grocery store myself and have found good prices at Cost Co. Putting a medical info note with your licence would be smart, as would a med-alert bracelet. Good Luck!

  96. Please be sure to READ your epi-pen instructions from time to time before you ever might need it. Also, remember it’s potent stuff, not over the counter like allergy pills, so ask your doc when it’s appropriate (like when you can’t breathe!).

  97. This allergy is definitely real. I am allergic to every kind of pollen and I used to get allergy shots when I was a kid.

    I just took one bite of a burrito before realizing they gave me one with guacamole when they shouldn’t have. I didn’t even eat enough of it to throw up like I normally would, but in the next few days I thought I had a cold. I tried to go hang out with some friends but suddenly it was too hot and I couldn’t breathe and I thought I was having an asthma attack. I ended up in an ambulance with my tongue swollen up, my blood pressure so high they said I could have had a heart attack if I had used my inhaler, and when they took a chest X-ray it turns out I had pneumonia too- all brought on by the allergic reaction!

  98. I have the latex fruit allergy version of avocado allergy, and it’s very severe. It took many years to figure this out, though I always avoided guac and just thought I didn’t like it after getting sick on it many years ago. But the reaction to eating any amount of avocado is very specific — nothing happens when I’m eating it (and I never know it , it just gets sneaked into burritos etc), but 5-6 hours later I’m on the bathroom floor with the most severe back and abdominal pains ever. It’s as though the whole digestive system stops at some point, and the only way it gets fixed is to eventually vomit 2 or 3 times over the next 4 – 5 hours. It never causes diarrhea. The back pain is so intense that I use good ol’ Lamaze breathing to get through it, and if I didn’t know that I was having an avocado attack I’d probably go to the ER because of the severity. 8 hours later it all stops and I’m fine…except for the usual lack of sleep from being up all night!

    As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that it’s expanded to mangoes and a few other fruits, but only if they’re really fresh. Cooked mango sauce etc doesn’t bother me. I’ve never had a known problem with latex itself, but then I’ve never really been exposed to it. I have had rashes from lotions and oils with avocado in them, but that was fairly minor, and I just check the labels of things I buy.

  99. hi! love avo’s but have just developed a shocking allergic reaction, even the slightest bit makes my head swell up like a basketball!! shame!

  100. my avocado allergic reaction consist of a very itchy mouth and throat. Which is followed my at itchy sensation all around my face, which is usually followed by redness, general over-sensitivity, and flaky skin around my mouth and nose for several days.
    It took me years to figure it out. I also experience the same symptoms when i eat honeydew melon, cantelope, or too much banana (one banana is ok). I also recently (2years ago) developed a similar allergy to latex.

  101. i’ve gone into anaphalatic shock from latex. Now I can no longer eat bananas and tomatoes for sure. for about a year I was in and out of er’s being treated for asthma, panic attacks, and gallbladder issues. Now I know it was ALL food allergy related! Would have saved me thousands of dollars and bankruptcy if anyone would have even bothered testing for allergies! I’m going in a few days to see what other foods im allergic to as well. I’ve been avoiding all fruits like the plague, so i’m not sure about avacados, but its in everything (like latex is) so im hoping i’m not allergic to them as well. Having a dr give you antidepressants when all you needed was an allergy test was like a punch in the face! I’m also allergic to alot of medicines including ibproferen. Alot of medicines are coated with latex to hold them together and are not labeled as containing latex. I have to spend more buying underware and other clothing because of latex in the elastic. I cant even use disposible feminine hygiene products anymore because of the severity of my allergy. Once you gain one food allergy, you will gain more, due to cross reactions! For those that are having strange symptoms like I was, severe abdominal pain, panic attacks, throat closing, lip numbness, and just random issues, get an allergy test! I even had endoscopy and hida scans because they were SURE it was gallbladder problems! My lips dont swell and I rarely get hives, just immediate throat closure and of course panic! Food allergies suck!

  102. oh, and I was given 2 epi pens to keep with me at all times! I also wear a medical bracelet that lists all allergies and have a sticker on my car that lets emergency personel to look for a paper in my glovebox with medical info on it. If you are looking for a good medical bracelet thats latex free and not cheap metal, try one from a company called Id on me. It has a paper insert that can hold a long list of info when a regular bracelet wont cut it! hope this is able to help someone!

  103. Great to find this site this morning. Last night I ate an avocado on my Turkey sandwich that I made myself, immediately had burning on my outermost lip and tongue. Like most of you, I have eaten it my whole life. I’m a practitioner, very skeptical when it comes to allergies and their likelihood……being to cautious to call something an allergy. But it happened!

  104. Whew! So glad I found this site! My symptoms are only severe abdominal pain, no itching or swelling. Same pains come about with melons and pears. People think I’m crazy when I say pears cause me severe abdominal pain, but they were my first food allergy. Didn’t know about the latex stuff having a connection but will look into that cause the other day wore gloves while cleaning and coughed and had trouble breathing all the rest of that day. I’m late 40’s and avocado problems started 2 years ago, melon in childhood and pears about 5 years ago. Thanks to fellow posters for making me feel not crazy!!

  105. I have had a mild allergy to avocados for the last few years. I absolutely love them, so I would usually just try to ignore the symptoms as much as possible, which were relatively minor (some itching in the back of my throat and sometimes my tongue), until last week. Last week in addition to the itching, I developed terrible stomach cramps and a horrible, unending headache. I wasn’t sure of it was the avocado that was doing it or not, and really didn’t want to believe that it was, so I conducted an experiment. I waited three days before I ate any avocado again (three pain-free, itch-free days). On the third day I had just a small amount of avocado, and almost immediately my stomach cramps came back (with diarrhea this time, yay), and my head was pounding within 20 minutes.

    As it turns out, I do also have sensitivities to bananas and latex that I had never connected until now. I’m really afraid that I might start developing anaphylaxis if I have any further contact with any of these things, so I guess no more avocados, bananas, or latex for me. Poop.

  106. I have always loved avacados & guacamole, but for the past year, every time I eat either, my throat & the roof of my mouth itch like crazy. I get the same reactions from ripe bananas & melon.
    I also recently developed a severe allergy to peanuts in my late twenties. Ate a peanut butter sandwich every day for 5 years and all of the sudden my lips swelled up & started to burn & looked like they were going to fall off! My physician said that allergies are likely to come back or develop new in our 20’s & 30’s. So beware.

  107. You may have a latex allergy. I have all the problems you have re: avocados, bananas, melons and tested positive for latex allergy. There are numerous foods that will cross-react . . . google that and you’ll find a list. They all share a common protein. Some are foods that you wouldn’t imagine being related. Good luck!

  108. William …you are a dumb ass!!!…good for you that you have not YET developed any allergies to food..but beware you are not getting any younger or smarter apparently !!!

  109. Yesterday for lunch I had avocados with chicken on a biscuit and really enjoyed it – only for about half an hour was I ok and then I had shocking nausea and pains in the stomach – later had gastro symptoms – so sick I felt like I could die – same reaction that I had years ago with avocado but thought it was a one off – never never again am I eating one

  110. Finally found this after three consecutive nights of avocado pain, and one more tonight. I am seventeen and curios as it appears that the allergy reveals itself often during hormone crazy times, like the mid to late adolescent years (17-early to mid 20’s) or when pregnant. I’m no scientist so please be lenient as I can see that not all the comments specify and perhaps one or two contradict, but this is my hypothesis after reading the majority of these comments.

  111. I have noticed for many years (now 50)that i have an allergies to the following:
    1) red dye in hot dogs etc., caused dizzy feeling and headache within minutes since I was a child. Both of my sons at a young age complained of similar symptoms after getting hot dogs a the baseball park.
    2) Shrimp that is raw causes my throat and mouth to ich and swell. I still eat shrimp but only if cook thoughout.
    3) Avocado – love them, eat them often sometimes have minor reactions (ichy throat) – never severe until last night. Last night my throat and esophogis swelled so much from the guacamole appetizer that I could not swollow my dinner.

  112. In my 20’s I became aware of allergies to raw shrimp and avocados with all the symptoms described above. I have avoided these foods for years, testing every now and again with a VERY small dose to see if maybe I had become “immune”. About an hour ago I was given the wrong sandwich order. It had avocado in the lettuce…I ate half of the sandwich before I realized. I took a Benadryl right away. I had a little itching and tongue swelling, but nothing severe. It went straight to my stomach. I’m now stuck at work, barely able to stay awake :), with abdominal cramps, but whew…nothing like before!
    Three things I’ve learned: (and paraphrased from all the above quotes)
    1. It doesn’t go away with age (I’m 60 now)
    2. Always check your food before you eat if you have food allergies…they do hide.
    3. Take Benadryl (or equivalent) ASAP.

  113. So thankful for this info. Everytime I eat avocados my stomach hurts so bad!!!! I couldn’t believe it could possibly be the avocados; now I know.

  114. I became aware of my banana allergy when I was about 18, I have recently noticed my allergy to avocados. I experience severe stomach pains for both, sometimes migraines lasting up to 12 hrs. Feels like I’m going to die. I am so grateful for this site and reading the similar stories. I took benedryl yesterday thanks to the suggestion of an earlier poster and it worked for me too. What a relief! i also have excema so i am worried it may be due to some of the other foods mentioned or maybe latex exposure? My husband has severe environmental allergies … so far 2 of our children have allergies. One to nuts and the other environmental and house dust.

  115. The times I have found allergies have been with hormones out of sorts. Found my egg allergy while pregnant, and found the avocado allergy night before I got my period…so the hormone comment sounds right for me.

    My Doc said that some people’s bodies have adapted to dealing with the certain food if the person eats it all the time, and the way an allergy pops up sometimes is if you haven’t eaten that food for a few weeks or a few months. When you reintroduce it to your diet is when you will know and have more severe reactions, but many people mistake it for “I caught a bug of some sort.”

  116. OH MY GOD! I’m not insane! No one believes me!!! I used to eat avocado a few days a week with lunch and then when I was 20 I stopped eating it for about two months. Then when I ate it again I got stomach cramps and nausea. Thought it was bad chicken. Next day same thing but a bit worse. So I started having the same sandwich every day but remove a different thing each day to determine by process of elimination. Avocado. Thought I was delusional so I stopped eating it from there. Went somewhere else and had baked avocado. I was in so much damn pain I was writhing on the floor. So from then I avoided avocado for a few years. Decided I’d try it again and only had a slice on my sandwich. Holy cow! The pain was so intense I could honestly say I’m not sure which is worse – that or labour. Seriously. I was in intense horrible writhing pain for 18 hours. The first attack was only an hour or so. Each one got a little longer. That last one has scred me off avocado for life. Sucks coz i love it. I’ve never heard of an avocado allergy and I didn’t know it could just pop up out of no where!! So far I’ve had no problems with latex or any other foods. So glad I’m not alone.

  117. I developed an Avocado allergy 30 years ago after giving birth to my first child. The abdominal pain, vomiting, etc. was excruciating. I missed avocados and guacamole, but every time i tried to eat it i suffered. Stayed away for about 10 years. Last summer (after menopause) I decided to “try” again. Halleluiah! I can now enjoy it again…I’ve been eating them weekly!!

  118. wow, I had no idea that there are so many other sufferers! People look at me so strangely when I say I can’t eat avocado.
    Have had a dreadful episode today. Feels like the lining of my stomach is on fire. Like a cramp that won’t let go. The pain in my stomach is intense. Vomiting. Headache has now started, 6.5hrs after eating. Will not touch the bloody things again. EVER.

  119. Tonight I had a severe allergic reaction to a natural facial lotion which has Avocado in it. I didn’t put 2 and 2 together, until my face flamed up deep red in hives. I have a known allergy to bananas and adhesives(latex) and I suspect walnuts, too. Google also brought me to this site. I am shocked that I am this allergic! I entered this lotion in the Safe Cosmetics data base and it came up with the best(lowest) toxicity rating. I am writing down other similar allergies others have noted, just in case. Oh my gosh!!!!

  120. OMG! I thought I was crazy! I used to make guacamole all the time for my husband and then no more… I told Jim he out-guac’ed me. Now I make it once or twice a year. A few months ago I made a flax-avocado shake from an inflammation book… My stomach was slightly queasy after that, but I let it go. This morning, having an avocado and several kiwis in the house (they are supposed to be healthy, aren’t they?), I made a detox smoothie from MS Whole Living… Coconut water, avocado, 4 kiwis peeled, and a little mint… I thought I was getting the flu… A little after having one glass (made 2 servings), my stomach became nauseous, I had severe diarrhea and then finally vomited many times until I dry-heaving… It was awful – I had never had a food allergy before.. Horrible! And the common denominator is avocado. Interesting link to latex allergy… When my son was 6 or 7 (5 yes ago), we blew up so many balloons that I could smell them through-out the house… Couldn’t stand balloons after that. Will be on alert re the other fruits listed above… Thanks for all the helpful comments.

  121. I find this interesting. For as long as I can remember I have had issues when I eat avocados or bananas. I feel like my throat starts closing up but I can breathe fine its just a weird pressurized feeling and when I eat bananas I feel it more in my back. Everyone has always laughed at me when I tell them about it but this would make sense.

  122. The avocado allergy for me started as occasional vomiting before 12 years old, after 12 I ate it sporadically without any vomiting. After 40 consistently eating it daily causes feelings of vomiting and flushed skin after the third day. I have experienced the same reaction to eating some ripe bananas. I eat kiwis a lot and have not gotten that reaction except for the ones that may be grown with some type of pesticides, Kiwis from NZ, New Zealand or Italy do not cause any reaction. In my “scientific opinion” though non-scientific, I believe that my conclusion it is the pesticides that are used to protect the crop that causes reaction. When organic, Kiwis, bananas or avocados have been eaten none of the symptoms I am feeling today, occur.

  123. Put avocado oil on my face to soothe dry skin due to low humidity. Went for a short walk outdoors without sunblock or hat because I was out of my routine and I had some slight redness on my nose and forehead. That went away in 2-3 days, but what happened 48 hrs later and is still lasting about 1 month later was sheer hell. My skin felt hot and I had a constant weird feeling in my skin (tightness). Dermatologist says my condition is interesting: phyto foto dermatosis from the avocado oil! My skin is also very sensitive to poison ivy/oak. I can eat avocados without any problems and love avocado shakes (1 liter of milk: 1 avocado add sugar to taste). Well avocados are toxic to some birds, cats & dogs.

  124. So if being allergic to avacados is a myth perpetrated by the ignorant, then why does goucomole or anything containing Avacado destroy my stomach. I eat all foods and nothing bothers me but anything with avacado renders me helpless, Laying in fetal position with really bad abdominal pains. I love avocados but they destroy me any input?

  125. I have been lactose intolerant all my life. Now I need to add avacados to the growing number of foods I cannot eat which also includes honeydew melon, cantaloupe, and eggs. 🙁 Our neighbor growing up had an avacado tree and we would eat them with a spoon and salt. Yum! Now it’s cramping, gas, and diahrrea.

  126. I’m allergic to avacodos … I know that when I wat them . Right away I loose my voice and can’t talk ,my throat doesn’t close it’s just it takes 3 to 6 hours for my voice to come back ..

  127. Allergic to shellfish, tree nuts, and mustard by skin test, sensitive to latex–my reaction to avocado is the same as my reaction to cashews. Indigestion, no pain, with increased, irregular heartbeat from vagus nerve response. Cashew reaction is much more intense, but very ripe avocado produces similar feeling for 2-3 hours after ingestion.

  128. I thought I was a freak for ages.. I’ve been allergic to kiwi fruit and avocado since I was kid. Wasn’t till I went to this site I now realise it’s more common than I thought. Hooray!

  129. I certainly would never have dreamt in a million years that avocodos would be an allergen trigger…until last night! I’ve always had a slight “reaction” to eating some fresh fruits like kiwis, bananas, some varieties of the nut family….and yes, avocados. I’d get a little throat itching, but nothing like those with peanut allergies. So last night I went to the grocer’s and decided to make some fresh guacamole. About 45 minutes after eating a bunch of it…all hell broke loose!!! First I got the normal tingling in the mouth, but then I broke out in severe….SEVERE hives from head to toe!! Palms, bottom of feet, armpit, growing, face….EVERYWHERE I broke out in hives! My faces swelled, and I felt SO itchy that I started going mad! My wife gave me some antihistamines and hydrocortozone. I was sure I was hospital bound. I’m 40, and that was the first time I’ve even had hives. So YES….avocado allergies are very real….despite the comments listed here to the contrary. I’m fine this morning, but now I know for sure that I will never EVER eat another avocado again as long as I live!! It was horrible, and I’d only wish that on my ex-wife……:)

  130. I do suffer from some of this stuff because I just sure guacamole and at first my lipids started to itch but now I have severe stomach pain its awful

  131. Kudos to all of you for paying attention to your allergies. It’s good for you and for others – who aren’t quite sure if what they are experiencing is really an allergic reaction. I have lots of allergies -nuts, shellfish, eggs, latex, banannas ~ pay very close attention to my allergies~ and was ok with guacamole ~ but the raw avacado/radish salad did not go so well. cie la vie.

  132. Just had o advocado in my salad.lips n mouth feel itchy n puffy.i also am alergic to nuts and melons …hope this dont get worse

  133. Went for Mexican food and enjoyed the guac…at first, but then my throat began to itch, my tongue got tingly, and the inside of my upper lip began to swell. This happens to me with cantaloupe sometimes, but this tonight with guac was a first. I understand that avocados and cantaloupe come from the same allergy family and also include kiwi, bananas, cucumbers, mangoes, and peaches. I don’t like any of these foods except avocado and cantaloupe, and I disliked them as a child. I think my aversion to them was my body saying, “No, no, no…” I now like avocado and cantaloupe but think I’ll give them up before I go to the described Stage Two and begin to have the gastrointestinal symptoms (“No, no, no…”)

  134. Seems like each semester I take organic chem, I look for even more punishment, as if orgo’s not enough. Then I end up losing valuable study time cuz I won’t learn my lesson about this avocado issue. Sorry, can’t go so far as to call it an allergy in my case. Prefer calling it an amine intolerance. Tomato, tomah-to. 😉 Same problem started with bananas years ago, cut them out. Not really a fruit eater. Hate melons except watermelon, but don’t eat it hardly cuz it puts me to sleep. Don’t ask. Anyway, I never really ate avos ’til last year fall semester. Thought they were gross growing up. Had one last year, severe abdominal cramps for 1-2 days. Left it alone, started again about a week or 2 ago trying to put on more weight (that’s one good thing about orgo, it keeps me in shape without trying). Now I eat a couple every day, so I thought I was fine. Although I threw up the other night…same night I had the watermelon…didn’t connect those 2 (thanks guys). Anyway, last night I could feel myself getting beyond my daily threshhold of 2. But I still had some vegetables and tofu left, and what good would they have been without it? ;-)Well, turns out I should’ve sucked it up and gone avocado-less for those last few bites. Studying orgo, or even easy music, was out the question. I haven’t learned a damn thing today…except that I still haven’t learned my lesson when it comes to these avocados. There’s nothing wrong with you, for those that are wondering. It’s quite natural, actually. It boils down to the chemicals in our foods vs. the chemicals in our bodies, which are different for each food and body. And their reactions. I’ll just give my $.02 on it, via my almost-but-not-yet degree in chem :-). It’s the amines. Lack of certain enzymes in our bodies cause intolerance to foods containing different sorts of amines. You know how many people of African descent lack the enzyme to break down lactose, and it doesn’t manifest ’til later a lot of times? Same thing here. You may lack the enzyme that breaks down tyrosine well, I may lack the one that breaks down tyramine well, and she may lack them both. Then it shows up at 10 in me, 20 in him, 30 in her, 40 in you. There are other factors as well that play into the whole chemical process. Since I can’t work on alkyl halide rxns since I’m doubled over in pain, I thought I’d join my fellow victims of amine oppression to commisserate. And educate, hoping I’ve brought good tidings of great joy 🙂 it’s the amines! There’s a good layman’s article on it at thestar.com.my › Lifestyle › Health‎. The medical journal didn’t have the full article online, so I used this one. Hope this helps someone! I’ve heard when you reach out to others, your inner pain lessens. Let’s see if that includes abdominal and lower back pain…

  135. I am so happy that I found this site. For years when I would say that I was allergic to avocados, people would act like I was either crazy or lying. If I eat anything with avocado in it, my lips tingle, I see flashing lights, and experience severe cramping and vomiting. The problem is that I love the taste of avocados! They are not worth it, though. 🙁 I don’t seem to have a problem with any of the other things mentioned, like bananas and melons, but I’ll be on guard about them. On another topic, I have a
    reaction to coffee.But it is quite different, so I’m not sure if it is really an allergy, or what? Whenever I drink coffee, (regular or decaffinated)
    I get a blindingly painful headache. Sometimes to the extent that I need to lay down in a quiet, darkened, room and to all purposes, pass out. The symptoms are so different from when I am exposed to avocado, that I doubt that they are the same, but I don’t know.

  136. I get the same reaction eating bananas as I do avocados: Nothing too serious, but my throat just…itches, and I can feel it swelling just the tiiiiiiiiniest bit. I love them so much, though! Sigh!! ;~; I also feel the same thing when eating egg yolks.

  137. I left half of avacado in a bag in my fridge for at least a week or so when I actually got back to it . The avacado looked fine and wasn’t dark and didn’t have that left out look so I thought it was fine. so I scooped the inside out with tortilla chips
    But while eating it I felt my tongue like tingle a little but I ate on. So maybe 30 minutes later I felt like my throat was closing like I needed to cough or clear my throat but really couldn’t my throat was also very dry. Water just made my throat feel weird. So I took a motrin to maybe stop what felt like swelling and it does help when it kicks in. Its a totally weird feeling hopefully I’ll sleep it off.

  138. Regular avocado guacamole makes my tongue and lips numb. Although the spicy guacamole variety does not. Weird. Only other food that causes similar reaction is shrimp but I have to eat large quantities before symptoms begin.

  139. Omg ate an avacado with salt. Within mins started to feel stomach pain and running to washroom. Vomit several times but hours later and still in pain. Loved avacado but never had this reaction till tonight. I just turned 55yrs and had hysterectomy. So this allergy could be due to hormone changes. I will never have another avacado cause of this severe pain. Kiwi and pineapple too. Glad to read all the comments. Was about to call ambulance for this pain.

  140. Took Tylenol for allergies and it gave some relief. These avocados were imported from Mexico and 5 small ones in bag. Earlier in day I had a slice of avocado from a larger avocado that was imported from the Caribbean. Curious if this is some pesticide allergy.

  141. Be very careful when claiming allergic reactions to Guacamole and accusing Avocado. Guacamole is not Avocado ? What ? Thats right ! Guacamole is a Mixture . Katsup is also a mixture. You could accuse the tomato of rash reaction, but the mixture may be the cause , ie vinegar and other parts of the mixture
    So , the next time you you accuse the Avocado of producing your symptom , make sure that it is guilty and not Guacmole:

    2 ripe avocados
    1/2 red onion, minced (about 1/2 cup)
    1-2 serrano chiles, stems and seeds removed, minced
    2 tablespoons cilantro (leaves and tender stems), finely chopped
    1 tablespoon of fresh lime or lemon juice
    1/2 teaspoon coarse salt
    A dash of freshly grated black pepper
    1/2 ripe tomato, seeds and pulp removed, chopped

  142. I vomit after eating Avocado. I love to eat it, love the flavor of it, but every single time I eat it, I experience explosive vomiting. I am allergic to Avocado. Never judge other people’s health conditions or symptoms, it is cruel.

  143. Reacted to avocado, wasn’t previously allergic.
    Think I just reacted to my new bodywash.
    I just grabbed one not thinking twice about it. Used it twice and reacted the second time….
    All Hell Breaks Loose.
    Think I can sleep now, just thought I’d remind some to be more careful than I was.

  144. Actually anyone can be allergic to anything. It all depend on how your body reacts to certain foods or materials. I actually get a reaction to kiwi and avocado. My tongue starts to feel like a slight burn and can sometimes get itchy a few minutes after eatting it. I get a feeling almost when you eat to much salt and you get a dry swollen feel and rough.

  145. I have the itchy lips symptoms. I went for allergy testing and it came out allergic to almost everything EXCEPT avocados. I had him test again as that was the only food I had any reaction to. His tests have ruined my eating life. Beware of allergy tests, I feel his serums are faulty. it even said I reacted to white rice which nobody is supposed to be allergic to. I can’t afford to repeat the tests so I have fear of eating now. It has been over a year and I have about 8 foods that i am comfortable eating, I try to add one at a time but I feel so afraid so I need to eat it like 3 times before I am not afraid. I finally brought in my own avocado so he could make a test from it and it showed allergy. But then again so did everything else. Nightmare!!!I don’t think I am allergic to anything else but those tests scared me

  146. When i eat avocados, i become sick, bloated, and have great abdominal pain. No other fruit does this, and my taste buds changed from enjoying avocados to having a putrid taste and odor (possibly to thwart me.) i dont know why people say its impossible but its true. I cant eat avocados, they might kill me.

  147. I have been unable to eat avocado for 30 years (I am 63). My reactions (when ingesting it by mistake in sushi and salad dressing) included stomach pain and vomiting and extreme lethargy afterwards.
    Very recently I was again caught out in one quarter sandwich which had avocado in the mayonnaise and my reactions changed and worsened. They included tongue and face swelling and constriction of the throat. I now carry antihistamine and an Epi pen which was prescribed after seeing an allergy specialist. On this occasion there were no stomach symptoms. So I am just writing to encourage people to take their symptoms seriously and get the support that you require. Avoidance is the best option – but mistakes happen.

  148. I have experienced reactions to avocados a few times in the last couple of years. I had never had a problem eating the before. I have itching in my throat and ears and a panic feeling, but no trouble breathing. Tonight I felt the GI symptoms for the first time. I guess I have both types of allergies.

  149. What’s interesting to me as I’m exploring why I have itching & generalized reddened skin everywhere is the connection with extreme stress. Trying to figure out which food has caused my reaction is a little difficult because I had a variety of fruits I’m seeing listed as possible allergens. I ate kiwi, mango, raw cashews,avocado (had been a while since I last ate the 1st 3) and banana at breakfast. I noticed itching and redness 7-8 hrs later. As I’m getting rid of processed foods – drinking veggie/fruit smoothies and more whole & raw foods, I seem to be more sensitive to some foods. I have history of latex sensitivity after working alot with powdered latex gloves. Only 2 severe allergic reactions I’ve ever had were to strawberries during extreme stressful situation I was in @ age 8, and raw pumpkin when I was making a jackolanttern @ age 40 (had been about 15 yrs since I had been exposed to raw pumpkin with no problems)s. I was under extreme stress in living situation that time also. Now, temporary living situation that’s VERY stressful (much improved a day later, thank u!) is common denominator again. I suspect mango peel, as I did feel a little tingly “bite” when I ate some of the skin n pulled flesh off peel on the rest. What’s odd is that I can eat strawberries with no problems, the rest of my life. Just avoid raw pumpkins as they are not enticing enough to risk what I went through for many days of painful red itching rash on hands & arms. All times of these 3 situations & one random incident of hives painful itching agony with no food to blame, all found me in outrageously stressful living situation that needed my immediate action to change. My body spoke loudly to me that it could take no more. So this is just my experience, maybe someone else has too? Just always gets my attention when I have “reaction” to something that never bothered me before. Interesting…

  150. I am pleased to see some fellow sufferers (not really). I had no allergies at all to age 40 when I ate my favorite starter, avocado vinaigrette, at a nice restaurant. I became intimately acquainted with the plumbing for the next couple of hours.
    Two more incidents convinced me – just severe vomiting and nothing else.
    A taste now and I’m off – stomach lining has sharp pains with just a hint of avo. Other than that, I have no allergies, no latex, kiwi, anything.
    Allergies seem to be the curse of the Western world.

  151. So glad to commiserate with all of you. I discovered my avocado allergy around 14 years old. It came on quite suddenly for me and I also thought it was food poisoning at first until narrowing down all the common denominators. I’ve avoided avocados and guac for over a decade now but once it snuck into a tostada hidden by layers of lettuce and cheese. I think I ate it really quickly because it tasted SO DELICIOUS! Suddenly I realized my face felt weirdly pressured, like the after effect of a punch, or internal compression. I’m not sure what it is because it’s not quite like being congested. My stomach started twinging, I became nauseated, had trouble breathing, etc. most often if I eat it without realizing it’s accompanied by stabbing stomach pains, vomiting and diarrhea. It goes away after a few hours but you feel really depleted.

    My identical twin is allergic to mangoes but not avocados. We both are fine with latex, kiwis, melon. Neither of us love bananas. I am also allergic to rubber adhesive (the sticky side of a bandaid).

  152. Just want to add that my twin’s reaction to mangoes is a skin rash around her mouth and inflammation/itchiness, dryness, etc. she doesn’t get stomach pain or digestive symptoms from mangoes like I do with avocados.

  153. Looks like William has not replied back from the first entry. You can be allergic to any food at any time in your life. Can come up suddenly and leave you searching for the cause and then in disbelief when you discover it. I just discovered I am allergic to avocados About an hour after eating a raw one I started itching and broke out in hives as big as your hand. I have not eaten them in years. Was total misery for me. My best advice is follow your gut feelings on a food. Your life will depend on it!!!

  154. Whoever wants to doubt food allergy onset is free to do so, but today suddenly I had an allergic reaction to avocado not once, but twice. Until now I have not been aware of my having any food sensitivity or allergy, but here it is. This morning I had avocado on my bagel for breakfast – next thing I know, the side of my mouth that I favor for chewing is inflamed, swollen, painful… lip swollen and eye watering. I really did not expect that it would have been caused by a food I eat quite regularly! After consuming a lot of fluids and the passage of most of the day, the inflammation/swelling/pain finally went away. About 20 minutes ago I had avocado again and immediately after finishing my snack, the symptoms were back, more pronounced than before. So now I am waiting on the antihistamine and anti-inflammatory to kick in… but I feel the swelling and tingling and pain spreading *sigh* Why avocado? I LOVE avocado… They were grown in California; perhaps that is part of the problem?

  155. I get severe stomach cramps within 10 minutes of eating guacamole and bananas, it lasts for several hours. I’ve mentioned this to my physician, and she really couldn’t give me an answer. This blog has been extremely helpful, as I never gave a thought that it could be food allergies.

  156. I used to love avocados until about 2 years ago…when eating them made me feel really sick inside with my mouth watering and a sick, pukey feeling. Cannot eat them anymore now…even sushi with avocado makes me ill.

  157. I am so happy i found thos website and all these comments. I thought i was alone. I just got out of the emergency two nights ago because of this stomach pain. They could not figure out what was wrong. Yesterday as the day was going on I kept trying to think back as to when exactly it started. Still didn’t clue in, until right now when i just finished an avacoda 20min ago and now i am going thru HELL. This pain is excruciating and I wish I could cut my own stomach out.
    Was there anything that any of you took to help alleviate the pain?????? Please help. I will never touch or even buy another avacoda again!!!

  158. There were some really stupid people writing about this allergy problem when it was first written. Anyone develop an allergy to nearly anything out there. They aren’t hypochondriacs, their system could no longer combat the allergens which is why they develop the rash, tummy ache, etc. Just because something isn’t happening to you or yours doesn’t mean it does not exist.

  159. I just looked this up now because I was eating an avocado at my desk, nothing else, and found suddenly my toungue was starting to feel numb and the roof of my mouth and throat became itchy. This came out of no-where, so I had to assume it was the avocado. I rarely eat them, but decided it may be a worthwhile snacking item… I am no hypochondriac, I am a farmer who does, and will eat anything! But unfortunately, I will not eat avocados any longer, it just doesn’t seem worth it. Or if I do, Iffhs will try (e like experiment) again when I have suitable medication and/or a hospital close by in case things go “sour”.

  160. I love advocado been trying not to accept the fact I’m allergic but after seeing this site I realise I am…my lips swell and I get itchy ears … gutted as I love them!!!

  161. I ate literally hundreds of bananas as a child, I became aware of my allergy when I was in my late teens ( severe stomach ache). I also shortly after discovered my allergy to avocado (same severe stomach ache). Also developed anaphylaxis to penicillin in my early 30’s. I haven’t eaten a banana or avocado for the best part of 20 + years. Also get severe stomach ache with precooked prawns. I can buy raw prawns and cook and eat them no problem. But those precooked Orange prawns from the seafood shop kill me!!

  162. Allergic to shellfish/nuts/mustard and now avocado. As a child, hives from too many strawberries. My reaction is stomach pain and lots of burping with erratic heartbeat that makes me feel weak and dizzy. I was thinking I needed to go back to the allergist, but I realize now that I’ve often been eating Mexican food out which may coincide with my recent allergic responses. Even if I don’t order guacamole, my husband always gives me any on his plate! Often have severe cramping which may be from avocado. I, too, have band-aid adhesive/latex allergy.

  163. I tried taking 2 Benadryl the last time I ate guacamole to no avail. About 5-6 years ago, I developed a food allergy to avocados and to almonds. Guess it’s an “a” thing. With avocados it feels like the food is stuck in my chest and then I get stomach cramping and possibly vomiting after. 🙁 I was in denial for the longest thinking it was a fluke – obviously. Almonds aren’t as bad but I don’t get as sick.

  164. It took me literally 20 years to realize I was allergic to bananas, avocado and kiwi. My mother would make Banana Cream pie every year for Thanksgiving and every year if I ate it I would have sever stomach pains and throwing up for hours and hours. I would think it was that I just overate. As a teenager when I would order fajitas at Applebees I would put the guacamole on my tacos and later have the same occurence thinking I was just sick. My best friend’s mother would always slice up kiwi for us which I loved and same thing. I didn’t eat these foods very often and because I could eat banana bread didn’t see the connection. I had finally realized when I made a grapefruit avacodo salad when I was pregnant and being use to morning sickness realized it was not and something was wrong. I had to be allergic. I also would have to go to the doctor after sex when I would use a condom thinking since a kid I was prone to yeast infections that it must be that or bacteria infections. I had mentioned to a friend a couple years ago all I was allergic to and how long but didn’t mention the latex and she worked at a health food store and said, oh you must be allergic to latex as well. I said how do you know that? She told me they were all in the same family. One time I ate a piece of sushi that had a sliver of avocado in it and instantly I became severely sick with horrible stomach pains leaving me crying and in the fetal position for hours. I now ask all the time before and check because some people don’t care or look even when you say you have a severe allergic reaction. Happened three times now where I emphatically said no guac and it was on what i ordered when I looked through. Not sure the people who say it doesn’t exist and we are ignorant. They must be ignorant and don’t have the allergy assuming no one does which baffles me in that thinking. Why would we all want to have severe reactions especially when we love the food?

  165. Through out the last 20 years I have eaten two avocados a week on average. I usually eat half an avocado & leave the other half in the refrigerator, and eat it the next day. Last week, I was using latex gloves to clean the rims of my car. I have a box full of latex gloves and have never had a reaction to latex. I washed my hands very well and ate the second half of the avocado and my throat began to swell. It really scared me, and I took a pediatrician Benadryl right away. The next couple of days my throat felt really strange. I have eaten almonds bananas sense, but no avocados. The nurse said perhaps the pesticide from avocado was absorbed well it was in the refrigerator, and if I ate organic avocados she bet that wouldn’t happen again. I wondered if using latex gloves, then eating that half of the avocado was a problem.

  166. I’m am here today to research what could have caused my severe anaphylaxis last night. I had a turkey burger with cheese and avacado and within 5 min of eating it my stomach started cramping and my hands felt like they were burning. I then developed hives all over my body and even after 75mg of Benadryl my throat started to close up. I has to be transported by ambulance and was given an epi injection. Only then did it calm down. Now after reading this it has really helped me to find out what I should have the allergist look for. Because this is the only thing that I ate that would cause the stomach issues along with the anaphylaxis

  167. For Tina: I bought organic avocados today. I had a half of one and my tongue started to burn. I think it is what is in the avocados themselves. It doesn’t matter if they are organic or not.

  168. This is so true any time I have avocado my throat becomes itchy and my lips swell along with my tongue. Is there any other was I can eat them organic maybe??

  169. William, your a dumbass troll- not welcome here. Why are you reading this if you don’t believe it? Just to troll the internet and annoy people cause you have nothing better to do. Goodbye.

  170. And yes, every time I eat avocado my eyes swell above the tear ducts, my throat and lips itch, and I start wheezing. It’s gotten worse and now a couple of times I have not eaten avocado it has still happened. Checking into the avocado oil thing…..

  171. So glad I’m not alone. I discovered avocados a couple of years ago and fell in love. A week ago I ate one and within 30 minutes I started having cramps, terrible nausea, diarrhea, pain in my lower back, but I thought I was reacting to a new medicine I had just taken. Today I had one for lunch and I’m experiencing all those great things again. Hope to feel better soon

  172. So many food allergies now at age 44. My skin is always prickly and inside of mouth puffy and sore, throat irritated too. But thank goodness allergies are not as severe, before Zyrtec once a day, anaphylaxis occurred after so many foods, I can live with a little irritation and swelling.

  173. I get the itchy mouth, lip swelling that most say. But last night my eyes started to itch and swell. It’s been 14 hours now and they are still almost swollen shut. Anyone else have this with avacados? I’m trying to figure out if it’s avacado, or new medication I’m taking.

  174. Started noticing that I reacted to bananas in my late teens, this after eating them and loving them all my life. :/ Not long after, I developed what I referred to as a food intellorance to avocados and kiwis. I find myself still experimenting with these foods, except for kiwi, because I just can’t give them up. Fortunately for me, it is not a life and death issue, as it is is with eggs (sad), but like some of your experiences, when I consumed a fresh banana or avocado, I would get the tingling in the mouth, throat, and stomach cramps. For a while now, I have been blending the fruits either together or separate to make a smoothie. I’ve wondered about the strings in the fruits whether they are part of the problem, and if removing them from the banana, or hoping to get an avocado minus the brown strings (guessing game), would decrease the symptoms or not produce any. I buy organic, and since converting several years ago, the symptoms have also reduced, so a pontential synthetic fertilizer, pesticides etc., could also be enducing said allergies. Since blending the fruits, I no longer get the tingling in the mouth (few years testing), but I get stomach pain every now and then. This morning, I made a smoothie with organic fruits & veggies from Whole Foods Market, and the half avocado I used, did not affect me. It also had no brown strings, which is said to be caused from picking avo from a younger tree. Last week I used an avo from Outpost Natural Foods in my smoothie (1/3 of it), and got stomach pain. It also had several brown strings (so not attractive looking, and disappointing since the store is a high-end organic and natural food place). I have a reason to believe that seasons, depending on when the fruit is picked, time, and place, where the farm is and how careful and responsible their farming practices are.
    The amount of beneficial nutrients like omega 3s and potassium that are in these fruits make it that much harder for me to give up. I need my fatty acids! 🙂

  175. As i was saying, these factors: seasons, time, and place, I believe play a huge role in this. I just don’t know exactly how. Maybe one day!

  176. My baby sister just ate an avocado and is now dead. The avocado caused her throat to swell up so much that is exploded?!?!? There is blood and my dog keeps licking it up. Is he going to get sick????? Or worse am i going to get avocado allergies as well?!?!? What should i do? Am i going to die? Please help!!!

  177. I knew that I have had an allergy to avocado for a while and am always careful. Yesterday, am guessing someone snuck some in on a breakfast burrito. Halfway through I started feeling ill, and within 15 minutes vomiting so violently that burst blood vessels in my face and eyes. Finally after a Benadryl and completely emptying my system and better less some numbness and tingling in my face. Can never be too careful.

  178. I ate guacamole today and my mouth turned raw and red inside the opening of my mouth (mainly inside my upper lip) and my throat felt raw. My mouth looked like blood blistering was occurring. Someone gave me Benadryl which helped significantly. I’ve never been allergic to food before, but I am allergic to burch pollen. Weird!

  179. Up until now I have loved avocados, but about a month ago I sat down and ate a whole one. Within hours I had extreme diarrhea that lasted a couple of days. I just thought I’d picked up a bug of some kind, but yesterday I had some ripe avocado spread on a piece of bread. My stomach cramped and I had difficulty for a couple of hours. I went searching for a possible avocado allergy and found this forum. I’ve never been allergic to anything (well except sulfa) but it looks like I’ll have to give up avocados.

  180. After eating Avocado I get really tired and have difficulty swallowing. Taking two Benadryl definitely helps with the swallowing but a nap is compulsory. Since I grew up loving and eating Avocados I am wondering if this new allergy thing is related to the fact that many of our Avocados come from places other than here and we are getting a different varieties. I guess to know for sure I’d have to test a few California only Avocados.

  181. I used to love avocados but now they make me very ill, ditto cooked onions. I have had to stop eating both foods.

  182. I had no problems with eating avocados until recently.The first time my ears and throat became itchy and swollen and I panicked because it felt like my throat was closing every time I swallowed so I did seek medical attention but was told it was not severe. After awhile my symptoms started slowly going away but I didn’t know for sure if it was the alvacodo yet until last night I had a alvacodo only and within thirty minutes to a hour the same symptoms came back but worst. This time my whole left ear was itchy and every time I swallowed it hurt bad the pain traveled to my throat again and it felt like the top of my mouth and tonsils was swollen witch caused me to panick again also my nose became stuffy and runny and I begin to sneeze.I was up until 4:00 a.m. This allergy is real and strange because I used to be able to eat them but I will definitely exclude from my diet now. It is now 11:00 a.m. and my tonsils are still a little swollen and I will seek medical attention if there are no changes.

  183. when I was pregnant I vomited every time I ate avocado but before I got pregnant I could eat avocado without any problems. now my baby is 3 but every time she eats avocado she vomits. it could be true that people can be allergic to avocado.
    and I also have a friend whose tongue gets deep cuts when she eats banana

  184. I have been eating a really clean diet for about a month. I have ate avacado’s randomly before but lately was eating them every other day no problem. Then all of a sudden severe pain hit. I thought I was getting a virus. Felt better the next day. two days later ate them again and all hell broke loose cramping nausia shit my pants lol So i googled avacado allergies. Im not crazy! By the way william at the top is a dumbass

  185. The odd thing is I started getting very ill eating avocado in my 30’s and I’m 59 now. I avoided it for years. So on a recent vacation to Mexico, I tried it again and did not get sick at all. I just had some this evening, a small amount and am very sick again. Trying a benedryl as one person mentioned. Hoping it helps this lousy stomach ache. I wonder if the avocado we have in the U.S. is different.

  186. Here I sit, in between vomiting and abdominal pain,….it started at 1 a.m. I had eaten a large avocado and the only thing I put on it was a little black pepper and no lemon juice this time. Hells BELLS, I’m a 70 yr. old Mexican girl who’s eaten avocado all my life and never had a problem. It’s now 3:30 in the afternoon and I’m still trying to weather the storm. I’ve tried Tums, Zantac, and vomited again about 30 minutes ago, I took a Bendryl 25mg….and then just 5 minutes ago I vomited again. Hopefully some of that Benadry had gotten into my system before I vomited. Don’t laugh,…but I thoght it was IMPOSSIBLE for a Mexican girl like me to be allergic to avocado at the young age of 70 yrs….I considered it a part of my DNA, an entitlement, a part of my heritage to be able to eat it. After coming to this website, I was thankful to review the blogs of so many who had experienced similar symptoms. AIN’T eating another one ever…no way Jose,..it just isn’t worth the misery!

  187. I started eating sushi 10 years ago and grew to love the rich creamy taste of avocados. Over the years I kept getting these hives on my forehead, under-arms, and thighs. Recently I noticed that Band-Aids have started to irritate my skin, after a few hours they leave the area red-pink for a few days. Recently after eating a lot of sushi I broke out in hives. I was almost positive it was the aspartame in the pickled ginger or some other crazy ingredient. So I stayed away from the sushi and started a food journal to keep track. Now weeks later I broke out in another case of hives. I wanted to blame the lotions, shampoos, soaps, detergents, perfumes and everything else I bought recently. Then the light bulbs switched on, I bought 10 avocados on sale and made guacamole. Now I’m taking the Benadryl pills, using the Benadryl cream on the hives, also doubled up on the hydrocortisone just to be safe. I will miss Avocados, we had a good thing for years.

  188. My daughter is almost 2 and is just getting over an allergic reaction to avocado. She has hives, swollen lips and tongue, wheezing and vomitting, never mind the tons of mucus production. It is not a myth or a lie. Why would I make up something like that for my daughter? We gave her benyadryl right away and have added it to her allergy list…as well as banana, mango and corn.

  189. My nutrition teacher told me I want allergic either. Come to my house and I will gladly let you take care of me after I consume half a dime size amount of guacamole for anyone that thinks you can’t have an allergic reaction to avocados…

  190. I too am a sad survivor of avocado anaphylaxis. 12 years ago, I was unknowingly enjoying my last slice of avocado I was ever to eat. While I was chewing it, the inside of my mouth started to itch and burn like I had never experienced before. I took a couple of Benadryl tablets, and a couple of minutes later – watched my tongue swell out of my mouth. It was so large, I couldn’t keep it in my mouth. I had no idea that the tongue could grow like a tennis ball. I was able to breathe (maybe because of the Benadryl?)
    10 minutes after I arrived in the ER, I was told that I was breaking out in hives. I had a subsequent “RAST” at my allergist, but it came back negative. So we did a fresh avocado skin test – it was positive (even my lower lip tingled and swelled slightly). I do not have a latex allergy (I am a nurse who worked in hospitals and doctor’s clinics). I carry an epi-pen just in case, but I still miss avocado dearly!! I wish I was allergic to chocolate instead!!

  191. William,Yes you do just become allergic to Avocado. I ate guacamole for years, avocado as well. Then all the sudden 30 min after eating I was in the most horrific pain ever. It would not subside for 4 hours. Finally blood test proved I was allergic to avocado in med to high range.

  192. My 12 year old daughter had an reaction to avacados. She ate three slices of avacados with her burger and within 30 minutes her lips were swelling, hives, flushed, sweating and stuffy nose. 50 mg of Benadryl and a steroid shot are allowing her to rest.

  193. Oh thank goodness. I thought I was the only person in the world to have an avocado allergy. I used to eat avocadoes fresh with a little salt and pepper when I was a kid. When I was 27 every time I would eat Mexican food I would get sick. I thought I was getting tainted meat. I kept switching what I would order, but with the same result. It would take about an hour and then my stomach would feel like a torch had been lit in it. It hurt so badly I had to induce vomiting which always relieved it. Then I would sleep for about 4 hours and wake up fine. I finally realized it was the avocado when I tried to eat one by itself like I used to do as a kid. 10 minutes was all it took to feel like I was dying. So, I don’t eat it anymore. I also have a low-grade allergic reaction to latex. Can’t use latex bandages without breaking out in blisters everywhere the latex touches.

  194. I have a fruit latex allergy, though I have found with a way to cope with the hives/pain/nausea from accidental ingestion. One, immediately induce vomiting if you are not already sick, the less your body has to process – the less painful it will be. Two – use medical-grade cannabis extract in a vaporizer. Particularly one high in CBD/CBN – medicate until the pain fades. You’ll probably be sleepy, and a bit foggy – but the pain will be gone, and you won’t be crying in the fetal position for hours.

  195. When I was 25 I started getting a very sharp pain right in between my rib cage. I didn’t know what it was. I felt like I was getting an anxiety attack with this strong pain. After a couple of months I realized it was the avocado making me feel this way. I love avocado, and I came up with a slight solution to my stomach pain. I discovered every time I had a drink or two with guacolme or avocado I would not get these pains! Sooo now when I go to a Mexican restaurant I just have a margrita and I’m fine. If not I’m in the fetal position having an attack. Hope this helps someone too

  196. Googled this topic just to see what was out there because I know what makes my tongue/mouth itch etc, even if others think it’s strange and doesn’t make sense. Band aid irritations as a child, then discovered I was latex sensitive. After pregnancy, couldn’t tolerate bananas, then as I moved further into my 30s, came avocados. In my 40s, it’s now mangos & raw nuts. Now it makes sense why I have never liked kiwis and honeydew.

    Miss the days where I would enjoy toast slathered with crunchy peanut butter with slices of banana sandwiched between. Or am avocado turkey provolone sandwich. Or avocado rolls. Fresh Guac. Fresh mango.

    But am aware that ONE of these days, that itchy/ swollen irritated tongue & lips, with that hard to swallow feeling and slight tightness in the throat, could possibly turn into a full blown anaphylactic reaction.

    So I’ll just stick to the memories of tastes and smells formerly loved, and now sadly, lost. Good luck to everyone. And think smart before taking that next bite.

  197. Back in 1980’s when I was a dialysis nurse(thus my use of latex gloves increased) I developed anaphylactic reactions after eating avocado’s. I was seen by an Allergist who did a RAST blood test which confirmed this, as well as wheat and a few other things. Literature published in medical journals at that time stated that there is an enzyme in avocados (bananas, etc.) that will potentiate (increase) whatever else you may be allergic to…so, in my case, all my allergy levels were increased and when I ate the avocados-the enzyme aggravated my already elevated levels resulting in an anaphylactic reaction.

  198. I am severely allergic to mangos, I do not like the smell, and whenever I eat even a very small bite I feel my throat swell and start to close and will not eat anymore. I do not like the smell of nuts and they make me sneeze and my nose run when someone else is eating them, but I can eat them myself. When I eat plain avocado, my inner throat and ears itch but I still them. I am lactose intolerant, but no other fruits, vegetables, or nuts seem to bother me.

  199. Got a scratch on my arm from a sharp branch when picking avocados from a tree.Two weeks later and the scratch hasn’t healed, even after applying polysporin. Thinking I might be allergic to the SAP.

  200. I used to get sick in high school after I ate the 7 layer burrito from Taco Bell. I just thought it was taco bell. Then it started getting worse when I was in college and ate guacamole. I thought it was just the beer. Then I went to a high end Mexican place with my Dad, had no beer and slathered my fajitas with guacamole. Well for the next 12 hours I was in so much pain I almost went to the ER. So yes, it’s real, and since I don’t eat guacamole or have any avocado, no stomach problems.

    I can’t use any hand Cream or shampoo that has avocado oil.

  201. If you are “newly” allergic, are Avocados becoming GMO now? Are you eating organic? I got really nauseous after eating Boulder chips made with 100% Avocado oil (Non-GMO, but not organic). Awful! Avocados are naturally high in Histamine and Tyramine, both of which I’m sensitive to. Guacamole always SLOWS my digestion & gives me a stomach ache/bloating. I will AVOID Avocados from now on. I can eat bananas fine.

  202. During a sex act with my partner which included burritos, pizza, margeritas and 4 litres of ice cream I discovered my allergy to avocados. Luckily, this time we used the drop sheet due to excessive lube. Oh yeah, I gotta mention that we didn’t eat it all, there were friends over. It was in the midst of this act that I started to vomit and poop. At a horrendous rate!!! Thank goodness for the drop sheets!!! Since there are so many ingredients that could cause this type of violent orificial escaping, we had to repeat the process many times eliminating one type of food each time. Nothing else has ever made my genitals and groin and buttocks this red, itchy, or inflamed.

    I hope we don’t have to stop using bananas too.

  203. “william:
    people can’t get allregic to avacados, this is all one big lie and anyone who thinks other wise is ignorant”

    idiot. take it from someone who is allergic to avacados…it’s possible. i get violently ill and throw up until it’s all gone from my body.

  204. Definitely possible. A few years ago I noticed gut pain and didn’t on that occasion link it to avocado, but on the next occasion I did wonder. I left off avo’s for a while, then tried tiny bits, which didn’t seem to affect me, so today I had a half (of a small one) and have that gut pain again. Time to take them out of my diet. I have no reaction to any other fruits or veg.

  205. I most certainly am allergic to bananas, avocados and kiwis. Not sure it’s related but I’m allergic to most honey too. Banana and avocado give me crippling stomach pains and kiwi and honey give me an itchy throat and mouth – it’s real!


  207. I was told to eat avocados to help heal liver damage. I put one in a yogurt smoothie this morning, went to work and had really bad stomach pains. After 10 minutes, I had to throw up into my bin. After vomiting about 5 times I felt better. The other ingredients in the smoothie were lemon yogurt and strawberries. I’ve had them without the avocado before with no problem.

  208. For all of you that dont bbelieve that it is possible to be allergic to avocado you are extremely wrong… I myself am allergic to avocado. And everytime i eat it my throat swells shut. The first time i ate avocado it was in guac form and i love the taste of guac… Unfortunately my throat started to swell really fast and i had to be rushed to the er. I didnt know that it was in fact the guacomole until i tried to eat it again and the same thing occurred. Lucky for you all you dont have to suffer not being able to eat one of your faves.

  209. Wow,,,,
    I like avecado but hate them for giving me a severe stomach pain upset stomach sometimes throwing up after ,its not good
    experience bcz of something that delicios.no more for me.I really like to know the reason.

  210. For me I did not know I was allergic to avocados for quite a long time until I looked it up and found this most helpful web. Now I know its avocados that are causing my stomach pains and nausea whenever I eat them and I have to stay away from them despite their good taste.

  211. Yes Eliana, it is possible to have an avocado allergy. I had been eating avocado on occasion my entire life but never noticed it bothering me until I reached my 40’s. I went through an avocado stage where I started eating one , two, sometimes 3 a week. Symptoms were mild at first, and symptoms took a while to surface, so I didn’t connect. I even went to the doc and was tested for celiac disease. I was experiencing some bloating, itchy throat, and flu symptoms. Well, we traveled out of town for a couple of weeks, where I had 0 problems for 2 weeks. The first snack when I returned home a large avocado. I bloated up like I was 7 months pregnant , itchy throat, flu like symptoms for about 12 hours. I went to an allergist that week and test came back positive for avocado. Symptoms returned after I stopped eating avocado, and I came to realize yellow squash, zucchini, kiwi, fresh cherries and sunflower seeds. Tested positive for all except cherries. Still every now and then, something will hit me, but I can’t narrow it down! Hope this helps!

  212. Just because something isn’t very common doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I have the 2nd type of avocado allergy, the latex kind. I get excruciating abdominal pains after eating just a tablespoon of avocado. I also have a bad allergy to latex where I develop rashes. This is not common but definitely real.

  213. I love avocados but tonight for dinner I had grilled chicken, cucumber, tomatoes, and a small half of avocado. A few mins later I started getting itchy ( arm and leg…..not cool… I’m not sure what it was…bananas I love too but I eat one and get a soar in my mouth….

  214. Try mixing lots of lime or vinegar with the avocados if you have food latex allergy. heat or acids denature the protein and eliminate my allergy to them

  215. I’ve never eaten an avocado so I have no idea what would happen if I did but if I touch them or the oil I have swelling where ever it touches me. Feels like being burned except it takes a little while for it to react. I eat bananas and melons just fine and I’ve never had a reaction to latex.

  216. I enjoyed avocados until I reached my late 20’s. Now if I eat one (in my 50’s now) I would refer to it as the “avocado diet” – simultaneous ejection from multiple orifices and severe abdominal pain. I lost 5 pounds in 6 hours about 10 years ago. After that I figured out that avocados were the culprit. Too bad – I like them.

  217. This all makes so much sense now! As a child I would immediately feel nauseous and would sometimes throw up if I ate a raw avocado. I did not have the same reaction when it was mixed with other ingredients. For the past year I’ve been eating avocados and bananas everyday and have developed a ton of stomach issues and overall inflammation in my body and have even developed an inflammatory skin condition. Whether this is a response to the avocados or bananas, I am not entirely sure, but I will no longer be eating them just to be safe. I am also allergic to latex and mangos, so it makes perfect sense avocados and bananas are off limits. Hoping eliminated these things from my diet will help. It’s a shame food allergy tests are not covered by insurance. Seems that would be so beneficial for people to learn what food they are sensitive to.

  218. I found out I was allergic to avocado / Guacamole when I was 12 yrs old (I am now 40) Guacamole doesn’t matter if it’s “mixed” w/other ingredients or not same allergic reaction vs. Raw for me at least. I have latex allergy too.

  219. Until recent, I didn’t even know what avo tasted like. I reacted so quickly, I couldn’t taste it. I have tried now, but it still makes my mouth so itchy (in tiny amounts) I can barely taste it. And even if I eat the slightest amount – say half a teaspoon (mixed into other food, or what remains of what I took out), I feel quite horrible for the rest of the day.

  220. After eating avocados i too get a sore tummy. I found that ENO helps with the pain.
    Stop eating avocados.
    Could it be something to do with the immunization shots we are getting that interferes, changing our body and causing this???

  221. So tonight I had a social and the organizers provided plates of chips and guacamole…even though I’ve had minor upset stomach issues before when eating fresh guac or avocados… it didn’t stop me. UNTIL NOW.. Tonight about a few minutes in eating it I had a weird metallic taste in my mouth… and about 15-20 minutes I had to leave as I felt strong waves of nausous come over me. I’m not a puker..but I felt I would have if I had let myself. I just got back from Walgreens with some Pepto… hoping that will calm it.. and I’m feeling a bit better with each hour that passes. But reading all of your comments was helpful for me to realize it was an allergy to avocados that I was experiencing.. AND i must have eaten so much of it that it made me so sick tonight! 🙁 I thank you all for typing in.. it helped me to figure out what was going on in my body after eating that guac. Lesson learned.. NEVER again will I put avocado or guac in my body!

  222. Oh wow, reading these comments made me feel almost normal! I LOVE LOVE LOVE avocados and bananas and ate them daily, all through my pregnancy with no issues.

    Then BAM, my daughter was born and I suddenly started reacting to them both – severe abdominal pain to the point I thought I would need to go to the hospital (took me a little while to work out what was causing it because I dismissed both foods given that I could eat them all the time previously.)

    Has anyone here tried any tolerance tests to see if, 8 years down the track I ‘might’ be able to tolerate them? Pipe dream I know but I LOVE them. (I may have mentioned that previously)

    Why couldn’t it have been Brussel Sprouts? I hate those little bastards!

  223. Growing up I had an avocado tree in the yard and it produced the best avocados. I loved those suckers. But a few years back I discovered that I am allergic. Within under a minute of consumption I feel dizzy and have to vomit. Afterwards my ribs feel like the’ve been crushed. Even the smell makes me feel sick. I bought a facial cream containing avocado oil it irritated my skin. When I was pregnant I could not eat bananas, always made me puke and leave a bad after taste. Gave birth and was able to eat them afterwards. It’s been 11 years and I still have that after taste after eating bananas and anything banana flavored.

  224. I’m allergic to avocados, bananas, all types of melon, kiwis… it SUCKS. Especially since I’m a vegetarian. My throat swells shut almost immediately if ingest any of them.

  225. My 2 cents: I love avocados although I do have a reaction when I eat them out of their skin. I like them for a super food and a vitamin K booster. My lips get numb. No other symptoms, and it only lasts about 20 minutes. I also found out that my son has the same reaction. He started eating them about 10 years ago. I also have skin allergies to Aloe, Lanolin and vitamin E (Causes burning sensation applied topically). I don’t have any other food allergies. I was always told this was a rare reaction by doctors.

  226. I am almost 30, but I’ve had problems with foods since I was a teen. I never connected the dots until I was in my mid 20’s. Kiwi and banana give me severe vomiting, hives, stomach cramps, wheezing. Avocado, green peppers, blueberries and cucumber with seeds will send me into wild, uncontrollable stomach pains. I’ve spent several nights in emergency rolling around in pain thinking I’m dying. Mangos, grapes give me a fuzzy, itchy feeling in my mouth and throat. I am a nurse,
    So I avoid all latex. It’s so comforting to read all these posts and know that I am not alone, & other people out there truly have the same experiences as me. Sometimes I feel like people think I’m over exaggerating the pain. But it’s so severe, like my insides are being burned and twisted all at once.

  227. Grew up on an island eating avocados direct from trees in the yard and never had a reaction! Came back stateside and have had a dysfunctional relationship with avocados ever since! Especially paired with seafood–I take 2 bites and it’s instant,
    overwhelming nausea.

    Had sushi that came topped with avocados tonight. Scraped the avocado off, but immediately the nausea set in, and shortly after–lips were swollen and tingling! Came straight home to take Benadryl. Thankfully that did the trick.

    I’m not allergic to apples but on a few occasions I’ve been nauseous after eating one and I suspect it was due to the wax. This makes me wonder if the wax, pesticides, and, or processing could be to blame for many of our avocado reactions.

    To add to the commentary–I’ve also had reactions to Kiwi (itchiness), I’m allergic to latex, iodine and shellfish, and I’m unable to digest melon of any kind. Bananas make me very sleepy–but that’s just the tryptophan doing its thing. (Yes, bananas have tryptophan–just like turkey does! Weird, right?)

    When I’m back on the island, I may give avocados another go! Scratch that–if I can get one back to the states, and have an epipen and loads of Benadryll on hand, I’ll experiment here in the US! 3rd world hospitals are not even slightly pleasant!

  228. I just found out yesterday that I’m definitely allergic to avocado. Last year I went to Chipotle and ate something with avocado. After the 2nd bite, within seconds and without warning I started to violently vomit. Right at my seat. I was so embarrassed. It happened so fast. Yesterday, I went to a birthday party and I didn’t know that the dish had guacamole as a layer. After two bites, it happened again. This time, I made it to the restroom, but I was also gasping for air. Very scary experience. No more avocado for me.

  229. I’ve never had any problems eating avocado until recently therefore thought it was all in my head or just old age! I immediately get nauseous when eating avocado now to the point of vomiting. I have not had any issues with Guacamole assuming the Lime/lemon counteracts? no idea. Thanks for all the good info. Next stop getting tested.

  230. I still have a severe earache after eating an avocado and banana two days in a row. I have historically also had the itchy mouth and earache. But I don’t see anyone else who has had the earache.

  231. Im so glad i found this. I had never eaten avocado until last year at age 31. I had never been allergic to any type of foods before. But i have eaten it probably 4 times (twice by mistake) and it is awful. My tummy starts to feel swollen and painful, i become sweaty,dizzy and weak. Then the worst vomiting i have ever experienced (i now understand the phrase ‘violently sick’) the stomach cramps are so painful and then followed by sitting on the toilet.

  232. When I eat guacamole I become deathly ill. Vomiting with flu like symptoms that last for hours. But latex gloves do not bother me… go figure

  233. Thank you all for sharing all this great info! I’m on the downhill side of having a horrible attack from putting avocado on my chicken wrap six hours ago….I thought I was going to have to call 911! No mouth swelling, just abdominal pain and vomiting. But the intensity …horrific. Your comments helped me to wait it out, trying ginger tea right now….others mentioned the ‘can’t see straight’ phenomenon… Had that too. Heart pounding. I was so comforted to read others had this as well, but yeah!!!so scary and so painful. It was hard to even breathe right. I am now down to a dull roar. Never again will I attempt avocado, even a slice.

  234. I used to eat sushi and would find myself with a nagging upset stomach. Each time it would get a little worse. At first I thought it was the raw tuna (“tekka maki”). Nope. It was the avocado. Now the stuff is poison to me. I got totally incapacitated from a tiny amount in a small “California” roll. And I cannot handle any raw onion – note even the juice from a knife that has cut an onion. Guacamole would probably send me to the ER. I know only two other people who have a bad reaction to avocado. Some folks find it hard to believe it.

  235. My wife ate avacado and guac her whole life. Then, one day she had sliced an avacado to munch on while doing some house work. A short while later she was in the bathroom violently throwing up. Hurt her so bad she went to the doctor (which she never does) and was diagnosed with an alergy. She had to take some medicine (forget what) and be on a special diet for over 2 WEEKS to give her stomach time to heal.

  236. I started getting bad stomach aches when I was about 10. It coincided with when my sisters and I started making nachos with guacamole for snacks, but I never made the connection. I also often got stomach aches after eating at Mexican restaurants, but people told me it was probably the sour cream, so I stopped eating that for many years. I was missing some school for the stomach aches… the pain would last for several hours. I saw a doctor who thought it was related to stress and gave me Maalox, (sp?) which never helped. He may have asked me if I had food sensitivities, but I was 10 and didn’t know of any. So, I avoided sour cream for many years until one day when I had some on Borscht, and zero problems. I love sour cream so I tried it again and again, no problems. Then I knew that wasn’t what caused me problems in Mexican food. It was not until I was in my mid-twenties that I finally made a connection with the symptoms and avocado. I was making chicken tacos with avocado and ate between a half and a whole avocado. Then, within a half hour, severe stomach pain that lasted about 6 hours. It was different from other stomach pain I’ve had from things like food poisoning. Describing it, I often say it feels like I’ve been punched hard in the stomach, and it’s kind of a raw, unbearable feeling that drags on and on. Since that time, many years later I tried a very small amount of guacamole as a side with a sandwich, but never again. That time I had the severe stomach pain, some sweating and shakiness and I remember being slumped in a chair in a university art gallery, wondering when the feelings would go away and how they could be so bad. Since then, no more avocado. I won’t use utensils that have been used for avocado and ask/check my food for it regularly. Seeing avocado oil on store shelves now is a bit concerning too. This is the first time I’ve read so many other peoples accounts of similar symptoms. Thanks to all of you for sharing, and don’t forget to always ask if there could be avocado in your food… then examine it too!

  237. I decided to have hard boiled egg and avocado for dinner so I cut the avocado would have removed the and started snacking on one half of the avocado the first in my mouth started burning my lips my tongue the roof of my mouth the same as when I eat a banana

  238. I discovered a sensitivity to bananas in my early 20s. Always hated them when I was younger but started freezing them and putting them in smoothies. Long story short, got really sick over and over before figuring out it was the bananas. Fast forward 10 years, I finally discovered gaucamole, LOVED IT! And promptly had the worst stomach cramping of my life. It was so severe Urgent care sent me to the hospital for an ultrasound and told me to be prepared to be going right to surgery after that, to have my gallbladder removed. Except that they didn’t find anything, by now about 4 hours had passed and the pain was easing… Discovered it was the avocados. I did find one thing that helps ease the symptoms much more quickly, if I accidentally ingest some, they are Syllium (sp?) Husk Fiber Capsule (can find them at Costco). Take 4 with a LARGE glass of water, symptom ease within about 20 minutes. Thank goodness for my Homeopath friend who saved me with them, when some guacamole got on a burrito by accident.

  239. This allergy is so annoying. Doesn’t stop me though. I LOVE avocados, bananas, & cantaloupe, which all do this to me, but surprisingly, only in the spring when other allergies are bad. Not bad enough to swell my throat, just itchy mouth & throat. I just pop some benadryl and keep on eating them. 🙂

  240. I am 51 , since pregnant with my second child in my 20’s I started having sever intolerance to Avocado , rockmelon and all crustations , symptoms include itching in back of throat and ears, severe abdominal pain , diahrea, fever , i have on occasion passed out with rockmelon even with a small amount. My symptoms are the same for all these foods. I would so love to enjoy these foods again, would anyone here know what the common link would be? I will say my mother and sister can’t eat avocado either and my brother can’t eat prawns, though none of their symptoms are as severe as mine. Before being pregnant with my second child I enjoyed all these foods , they would have been my favourite types of food . Any help or suggestions much appreciated 😊

  241. I too enjoyed avocados all my life until I was 43 and had a reaction to eating one. Terrible stomach ache, vomiting. I found this to happen any time I tried anything with avocado in it. I also found that I had similar and even worse reactions to kiwi fruit and bananas. As my mouth will start to itch, throat swell, followed by vomiting and stomach pain. My doctor is telling me that it could be a latex allergy and or a birch pollen allergy. So I am to avoid these foods, also chestnuts. Also to eat with caution, apple, carrot, celery, potato, tomato, melons, papaya…pretty much everything I eat. I would like to find a list of what we folks with this food issue can eat. So far not coming up with much online.

  242. As a teenager, my parents always thought I was being dramatic when I would clutch my stomach, doubled-over in pain after eating something that I couldn’t tolerate. I knew then that I could never eat bananas with out a severe stomach reaction, but It wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I started figuring out that my list of food intolerances was much longer. It seems that the healthiest of foods are no-nos for me, and it really stinks considering I love fresh produce. Foods that I absolutely cannot eat without severe pain include bananas, avocados, raspberries, kiwi, bell peppers, cantaloupe, watermelon, walnuts, cucumbers, brussels sprouts, and quinoa. About an hour after eating any of these foods I get cramps that make me want to rip my stomach out, hot flashes, and bloodshot eyes. Eggs always give me a horrible stomach ache, but not as severe as the other foods. I’m glad I’m not alone, but it’s unfortunate that so many people cannot eat these healthy foods. It makes it very difficult to maintain a well-rounded diet to say the least.

  243. Hi everyone. It’s good to see I’m not alone but the feelings I get are a bit different to a lot of the comments. I’ve been eating avocados all my life and still do, but I just purchased a packet of “boulder canyon potato chips cooked in 100% avocado oil”. I am allergic to MSG, so the feeling I got pretty much ten chips in was exactly the same to my first MSG experience: my face goes hot, ears feel like they’re going to explode and head feels like it’s shrinking around my brain and it’s going to pop in out through my mouth and ears! I stopped eating and checked ingredients: potatoes, avocado oil, salt. That’s it. So I guess I must be allergic to avocado oil without being allergic to avocados? All I know is it’s been about 20 mins and the symptoms haven’t worn off at all! Anyone else had these symptoms?

  244. This article although short was very helpful to me personally, I recently developed the avocado allergy thankfully it’s the oral allergy non life threatening…. years ago I became allergic in the same way to all nuts . Almonds I can eat they are a seed of a fruit. I miss eating avacado but I hate the blisters so oh well bye bye guacamole 😞

  245. May be from non-organic avocadoes with GLYPHOSATE SPRAYED on them! Check out MOMS ACROSS AMERICA on FaceBook for more info on organic foods and non GMOS.

  246. I usually just keep it to myself, or tell people I don’t like them, but was always pretty sure avocados made me puke. It’s funny, because as a kid, I wouldn’t eat them. In my late teens I tried them a few times and think I rather enjoyed it, but kept getting sick and vomiting. After that, I didn’t want to eat them because I just associated it with vomiting. ha. I had assumed an avocado allergy was silly, especially as I didn’t have any other food allergies at the time. Now, whenever I eat watermelon my mouth gets all itchy and crappy, though, too. random. I suppose the watermelon thing is more of the ragweed/pollen issue? Who knows.

  247. I enjoyed eating avocados for lunch almost everyday n enjoyed avocado shakes til early 2018. Sometime beginning last year, I experienced vomitting, rapid heartbeats and dizzy spells after dinner. I thought it was the salmon but never had I the slightest inkling it was the avocado in the salad. A month later I had some avocado and I felt abdominal pain, vomitting rapid heartbeats and dizziness again. Some months later an avocado shake made me sick to the stomach. Only then realised it was exclusively the avocado that was making me sick. Looks like I had developed an avocado allergy! As much as I used to enjoy eating avocado, now I avoid avocado completely.

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  249. Symptoms of PFAS include itchy mouth, scratchy throat, or swelling of the lips, mouth, tongue, and throat. Itchy ears and hives on the mouth are sometimes reported. The symptoms are usually confined to one area and do not normally progress beyond the mouth, It is rare that a patient would develop symptoms away from the mouth, or anaphylaxis from this, although it has been reported in a very small percentage of patients. Because the symptoms usually subside quickly once the fresh fruit or raw vegetable is swallowed or removed from the mouth, treatment is not usually necessary.

  250. This was super helpful, I always would eat avocado toast and my lips would get swollen for hours but not to the point where it was a big deal so I kept eating it because I’ve eaten avocado my entire life. Today it really bothered me and this explanation makes total sense. I’m allergic to every kind of pollen so I guess I’m not eating avocado anymore. Although, if someone were to get a series of shots to battle their pollen allergies, wouldn’t avocado eventually not create an allergic reaction as well? I’m not a doc, just speculating lol

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