Local Honey for Combating Allergies

Recently I read about using local honey to fight allergies and I think it makes such good, coomon sense. Apparently, it is similar to taking allergy shots, because you are actually ingesting the pollen that causes your allergic reactions in minute amounts. You build up a resistance, just like with allergy shots, until you are no longer allergic to the pollen anymore.

Tom Ogren explains the process in detail in Local Honey and Allergies, describing the positive effects of the immune boosting attributes of honey. The process works best, he says, when small amounts of honey, usually a few teaspoonfuls a day for a few months prior to allergy season are taken. It is key to find honey that is grown close to you, the closer the better. If you purchase honey from across the country, it won’t do any good for your allergies as it was made with different pollens than those that affect you.

Ogren compares using local honey to allergy shots, stating the similarity of the processes and benefits. However, honey is much less expensive, easier to manage and painless, not to mention sweet and yummy! He, like me, is surprised that the use of honey in allergy management is not more widespread or even well known.

The website www.reallyrawhoney.com gives more information on using honey for health benefits, including allergies. The more raw the honey is, the better, according to this site. The rawer the honey is, the less processing has been done, therefore, more of the pollen is still there, along with dust, molds and other particles which may be contributing to allergies as well. Honey also has an anti-inflammatory effect which is beneficial to allergies, too. Patients report taking a spoonful of honey before outdoor activity and it helps their allergies. This beats taking an antihistamine before going outside!

I always find it interesting and enlightening to learn something new that sounds like common sense. I would always choose the natural, non medicative treatment, especially if there are no side effects. Safe products that are made completely from nature get my vote.

– Heather Legg


  1. I want some research oriented informations on the Qualities of honey. It is claimed that honey, at least from some sources, can be taken by diabetic people. Are their any experimental support to this.

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