AllerGators Allergy Products

Looking for a new way to get your child’s allergy across? Take a look at AllerGators, a company that makes T-Shirts and accessories for those with food allergies (especially nut allergies). AllerGators was started by Shayr and Jimmy Guthrie in 2003 after they discovered their son has severe nut allergies.

The creators’ goal was to make fun t-shirts that their son would want to wear while at the same time getting the seriousness of the allergy across. Now the shirts and accessories are in world wide distribution and are a helpful tool in keeping your children safe.

Some of the shirts feature an alligator (girl or a boy, sometimes even a princess), with the words “I’m allergic to nuts” or “I have food allergies.” The character is cute, but if you choose to go sans character, there is a kind of road sign shirt and a more feminine and trendy style as well. Not only do they come in t-shirts, but also sweatshirts and dresses.

This is a good way to warn others of your child’s allergy. Think field trips or other outings, birthday parties or camp, anywhere your child may be and you’re not. Parents do a lot of reminding and note writing, but it’s hard to ignore a food allergy when it is right there on your shirt.

The company also makes wristbands, which can be personalized with emergency contact information, multiple allergies, or whatever else you want, as well as a standard wristband that states “Severe Food Allergy” or “Severe Allergy to Nuts.”

Other products include tote bags (again good for camp, preschool or play dates), stickers to fill in (good for any age to put in backpack, lunchbox or on a notebook), buttons and lunchboxes. The lunchboxes are a great idea for school so any personnel, even substitute teachers and parents are aware of allergies. There is a poster available that would be great for a classroom to help share awareness and maintain safety.

Another nice thing about this company is that 10% of their profits goes to FAAN to help support research, awareness and advocacy of food allergies.

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