Still Need a Gift? Try Allergy Awareness Clothing

A new store opened near me, you know the ones popping up that sell prepared foods that you just put in your oven and serve. As I stopped in for my dinner party meal, I did a little browsing. I saw some allergy awareness T-Shirts that not only got the point across but that were also very stylish and fun. I thought what a great holiday gift idea to not only promote awareness and maintain safety, but also to make something that is very un-fun, just a little bit playful.

I found some websites that sell clothing, patches, and other allergy-ware that I’ll share with you. Some of these products are so cute that you might even pick something up for yourself while browsing! – “Empowering kids…Reassuring parents”
These are very fashion forward products from a Canadian store. Fun pouches for your Epipen, allergy alert badges (great for a backpack or lunchbox), T-shirts, even music all about allergies written and performed by a musician with severe allergies.  The T-shirts are great, very in with all the right colors and designs for both boys and girls, including a whimsical one stating “This fairy can’t have dairy” and a pirate design with the slogan, “Mutiny Against Peanuts.” – Modern products featuring bright, bold colors and designs to alert about allergies. Features bracelets, badges and stickers along with clothing and pouches. Very kid-happy designs with animals and simple, yet colorful designs. Australian based. “Stop! Food Allergies. Please Don’t Feed Me” is great for young children and babies to prevent anyone from giving them dangerous food. – Designed by the mother of a young child with severe allergies, unique clothing to give peace of mind and maintain safety of young children with allergies. The designs are subtle with a visible tag on the sleeve, stating “Check My Tag. I have a food allergy.” There is a special tag to include specific allergies and emergency instructions inside the collar. The tag is inside but surrounded by stitching to make it easy to find yet keep details confidential. No need for alert bracelets or stickers which can be bothersome (or removable) to toddlers.

I was pleased with what I saw on these sites and just might do a little shopping of my own. Not only can this clothing provide a parental piece of mind and child safety, but it can also help spread awareness of food allergies. Even if you have finished your holiday shopping, keep these sites in mind. These products could be great birthday gifts for your food allergic friends or good ideas for when your children’s grandparents ask what they can get your children!

– Heather Legg

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