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Many of us know what it’s like to grocery shop when someone in our family has food allergies. It’s not just the challenge of grocery shopping which is hard enough, whether you have small children with you or a handful of coupons and a budget to follow, but also the added challenge of constantly checking labels for allergens, which can change and need to be constantly checked.

Things may have just gotten easier. iPhone has a new app called NutriSleuth which helps you grocery shop. Here is what it does:

NutriSleuth is an iPhone application that “translates” everyday foods that you buy in the grocery store into “allowed or not allowed” based on an individual’s medical, allergy and lifestyle needs. The app allows a user, ie a parent, to create individual profiles for each member of the family and indicate each person’s specific medical needs. When a parent/caregiver goes grocery shopping, they can use their iPhone camera as a UPC bar code scanner and scan just about anything. NutriSleuth instantly tells you which members of the family can or cannot safely consume the product you’ve scanned, gives you alternatives to foods that conflict with dietary needs, and does it all in seconds!

This app is $4.99 and can store all kinds of information according to personal needs. Barcodes and information can be saved for future reference. Items can be scanned at home and sent to the person shopping, or kept on record for easier shopping. It’s also helpful in deciphering all the nutritional lingo for top allergens, like all the other words for milk or peanuts. Often something like casein is listed, which is a type of dairy; these “other” words can be easily overlooked. With this app, this is all taken care of for you with a scan of a barcode.  

I also always love learning the backgrounds of the creators of new, innovative and valuable products; with all the varied backgrounds it shows we can do anything. The founder of NutriSleuth is Valerie Daley, RD CD-N  a graduate of the University of Connecticut in the Allied Health / Dietetics program with over 15 years of experience in the field of nutrition counseling and education. With an emphasis in clinical nutrition education for acute and home care settings she focuses her expertise in gastrointestinal disorders, pregnancy, food allergies and behavior management. She is dedicated to helping her clients meet their individual needs and make positive choices to best impact their health.

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