‘Tottoos’: Not Only a Catchy Play on Words, but a Great Safety Measure

Kids love tattoos. These days, we see temporary tattoos everywhere and we see all kinds. Kids get them at birthday parties, fall festivals, at Halloween. They come in pretty much anything you can imagine, from Dora the Explorer to Dinosaurs to religious symbols to peace symbols. Older kids love them, toddlers love them. And they also come in practical, life-saving forms.

Tottoos.org has created safety tattoos. They are just like regular temporary tattoos, easy to apply and can last up to a few days, and they’re fun for children. But better yet, they come with a purpose. They can be used to quickly identify medical conditions, like allergies or asthma, and can be life saving in the case of severe reactions.

These tattoos can be personalized to include any medical condition, phone number and action to be taken. They include two to three lines of text and the medical alert symbol. For instance, you can personalize the tattoos to read Allergic to Nuts, use epinephrine, phone number or Severe Ant Allergy, phone number, or whatever the allergy may be. Emergency phone numbers or doctor’s numbers can be included.

These are a great idea not only for young children, but also for older kids or adults in the case where they do incur a severe reaction and cannot speak. Kids can wear them on field trip days, day camps, whenever they are somewhere without a parent or someone very familiar with their allergies. They list all pertinent information, yet don’t need to have the child’s name printed on them, a good safety feature as children should not wear anything with their names visible.

Tottoos have had very high reviews and acclaim since creation. They come with towellettes for easy removal and are non toxic, FDA approved, durable and water resistant. If applied correctly, they last at least 12 hours and up to a few days. It is recommended to remove them rather then let them wear off, however, to maintain the healthiness of the skin.

– Heather Legg

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